• Pioneer Boosters Incorporated

    • Sport Specific Equipment Needs
    • Sport Specific Uniform Needs
    • More Information- please visit the Pioneer Boosters part of the website.
    • Golf Tournament July 13, 2020 at Greenbriar
    • Mike Wise-President
    • Suzanne Kernan-Memberships


    • 3.66 GPA for ALL Athletic Programs
    • Athletic Progam ranked #1 by Niche-4th Year in a Row
    • Girls Volleyball Team was named AVCA as a Top 25 program regarding the teams GPA for high school girls volleyball program.
    • Christian Baker:
      • Gatorade Missouri Runner of the Year
      • Cross Country Individual State Champion
      • 1600 T/F State Champion
      • 3200 T/F State Champion
    • 4x800 State Championship Team
      • Christian Baker/Jacob Ewen/Kaleb Owens/Martin Strong
    • Boys Cross Country District Champions
    • Field Hockey-Advanced to Final 4 for the first time in School History
    • Girls Basketball
      • Natalie Bruns-First Team All State
    • Wrestling
      • First Female State Qualifier
      • Emma Schreiber-Placed 4th in State Tournament
    • Baseball-Conference Champions
    • Girls Lacrosse
      • All American-Cate Camenzind
      • Academic All American-Clare Gippo/Cate Camenzind
    • Girls Soccer: Girls Soccer-2nd Team All State
    • Girls/Boys Swim-Dive: Both programs finished in the Top 10 at the State Tournament.
    • Boys/Girls Golf: State Qualifiers: Joseph Avery and Morgan Gindler
    • Football: First Team All State-Maurice Massey and Arvell Ferguson

    Athletic Staff

    Corey Nesslage, Director

    • Budget/Facilities/Fields/Evaluations/Hiring/Major Awards/PBI Liaison/Surburban Conference Representative/Surburban XII President/Work Orders/Game Management/Public-Non-Public Committee Member/P.E. Evaluating Administrator

    Brad Sutterer, Assistant/Activities Director

    • Scheduling/Athletic Transportation/Rentals/MSHSAA/Coaching Certification/Opponent Contracts/Contest Confirmation/Game Management

    Lynn Kavanaugh, Administrative Assistant

    • Office Manager/Mailings/Contest Confirmation/Event Staffing/Awards/Budget Management-Pay Vouchers/Deposits/Edline Data Entry

    Schedule Changes

    Changes occur with the schedule due to weather and other issues.


    • Website-www.pioneerathletics.org
    • Twitter(@khspioneers) for updates

    Dr. Mike Havener

    • 314 213-6100 x1301
    • Twitter: @mike_havener
    • Michael.havener@kirkwoodschools.org

    Coaches will relay information to kids, kids must forward information to you.

    Support Staff-Trainer

    Laura Vien- On Campus

    Heat Policy

    • Heat index- 95+ = Prax Modification
    • Heat index- 105+ = No outdoor

    Dr. Policy

    • If an athlete is seen by a doctor, then that athlete can only be released by the doctor
    • These releases must go to Laura and she will send the athlete back to practice with a NOTE RELEASING THEM.


    • Must Report
    • Seek Medical Attention
    • Help take the time to heal

    Young Athlete Center

    Washington University Orthopedics and St. Louis Children's Hospital

    • Pediatric and Adolescent Specialists
    • Orthopaedic Surgery
    • Sports Medicine
    • Physiatry
    • Physical Therapy
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Adolescent Medicine
    • Pain Management
    • Anesthesiology
    • Rheumatology
    • Sports Psychology
    • Nutrition
    • Cardiology


    • Children’s Specialty Case Center (CSCC)
      • Mason and Highway 40
      • Young Athlete Center
      • Monday through Friday same day appointment access
    • Orthopedic Injury Clinic
      • Orthopedic Center – Chesterfield
      • Thursday 8:00 p.m., Friday 6:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. through noon
    • ER Access
      • St. Louis Children’s Hospital
      • Missouri Baptist ER

    Youth Sports Injuries

    Why should we care?

    • Epidemic of Youth Sports Injuries
      • 2 million high school sports injuries annually in US

    What types of injuries?

    • 50% overuse = preventable
    • Many non-overuse injuries also preventable
      • Injury Prevention Programs
      • ACL tears
      • FIFA 11+ dynamic warmup

    What can we do to prevent injuries?

    • Avoiding sports specialization/appropriate cross-training
      • Maximizing cross-training
      • Avoid specialization before high school age
    • Appropriate rest and technique
      • Multiple simultaneous (club/school) teams
      • Minimum 3 months away from given sport
      • Minimum 1-2 day per week free
    • Early identification
      • Early intervention to minimize time missed
    • Education on sports-specific injuries
      • Understand common injuries in your child’s sport and how to avoid them
      • More information can be found on the website: stopsportsinjuries.org

    Young Athlete Center Contact Information


    • Legally enrolled as a student at KHS
    • Be enrolled & pass 3.0 units of credit in the semester preceding the season of competition to be academically eligible.
    • Be enrolled in 3.0 units during semester of competition.
    • All incoming 9th graders gain academic eligibility to participate in athletics in their first semester.
    • Attendance
      • Be present at least ½ day of any school day
      • If a student misses a class or classes without being excused by the principal, the student shall not be considered eligible on that date.
      • Exceptions must be approved by Dr. Havener.
    • All athletes must participate in 14 practices until he/she may be allowed to participate in an official contest.
    • Questions- Please Call Athletic Office

    Attendance Policy


    No credit for the semester will be given to students whose unexcused absences exceed five (5) periods per class per semester without administrative approval.  


    If a student has unexcused absences in the excess of five (5), the parents/guardians or students are required to request a conference at the school with the administration to discuss possible reinstatement of credit.  


    No credit for the semester will be given students whose total absences exceed (10) periods per class per semester without administrative approval.

    MSHSAA Citizenship By-Law

    If a student commits an act for which charges may be or have been filed by law enforcement authorities, shall not be eligible until proceedings with legal system have been concluded and any penalty or special condition of probation has been satisfied. Traffic violations shall not affect eligibility unless they involve drugs, alcohol, or injuries to others.

    Each student is responsible to notify the school of any and all situations that would affect his/her eligibility under the above standards. If the student does not do so, prior to the school’s discovery, the student shall be ineligible for up to 365 days from discovery. This can affect their team-forfeits, post-season competition.

    KHS Athletic Handbook

    • No Tobacco
    • No Alcohol
    • No Drugs
    • Voluntary Admission- Allow the student to seek help and may not be used by a student if the training rule violation is already known by the school. Will not result in suspension, but will be handled as a first violation for all other purposes.

    First Violation- Suspended from team competition up to 10 days. Reinstatement meeting with parents/guardians, coach, and AD

    Second Violation- Suspended from team competition up to 45 days. Reinstatement meeting with parents/guardians, coach, and AD

    Third Violation- Suspended from team competition up to 180 days. Reinstatement meeting with parents/guardians, coach, AD, & principal.

    Collegiate Athletic Opportunities

    Who do you talk to?

    NCAA 2.3

    NCAA Division 1

    1. Full Qualifier- competition, athletics aid (scholarship), and practice year number 1
    2. Academic Redshirt- athletics aid year 1, practice in first regular academic term (semester or quarter)
    3. Non-qualifier- no athletics aid, practice or competition the first year

    Full Qualifier-

    • 16 Core Courses-10 must be completed by the beginning of 7th semester
    • Minimum GPA of 2.3 in core courses
    • Graduate from high school Academic


    • 16 Core Courses-10 must be completed by the beginning of 7th semester
    • Minimum GPA of 2.00-2.299 in core courses
    • Minimum ACT sum or SAT score (critical reading/math only that matches the 16 core course GPA)


    • Cannot receive scholarship during year 1
    • Cannot practice or compete during year 1

    Team Expectations

    Team Selection Process

    • Every effort will be made to avoid a ‘cut’ system, especially at the lower levels.
    • Size Limitations sometimes necessitate competitive tryouts and the need to cut.

    Team Attendance Practice/Games

    • Students are expected to be at all games/practices.
    • Coaches will go over practice schedules and protocol if athlete cannot attend practice.


    Team Bus

    • Athletes are expected to ride the team bus to and from all events.
    • Alternative transportation must be made in advance with coach or sponsor

    VTS Athletes

    • Head Coaches of each sport responsible for VTS transportation needs.

    Activity Buses

    • Bus to NKMS
      • Departs KHS Essex at 2:47 pm
      • Departs NKMS at 5:15 pm back to KHS
    • VTS
      • Departs KHS Dougherty Ferry at 4:15 pm
      • Departs KHS Dougherty Ferry at 5:45 pm
    • Kirkwood Activity Bus
      • Departs KHS Dougherty Ferry at 4:15 pm
      • Departs KHS Dougherty Ferry at 5:45 pm

    Signs of an Ideal Sports Parent

    Reasons kids participate in Sport

    • Have Fun!
    • Winning was #10 on the list!

    Cheer everybody on the team, not just your child.

    • Attend as many games as possible
    • Don’t feel the need to come to the rescue at every crisis

    Model Appropriate Behavior

    • Project poise, control, and confidence, the athlete is likely to do the same.

    Know when/what is suitable to discuss with the coach

    • Make the coach your ally!
    • Not right after a game or practice-unless you have an appointment.
    • Mental and Physical treatment- Absolutely
    • Advice to help your son/daughter to improve
    • Taboo Topics- Playing time/Strategy/Other athletes

    Know Your Role

    • Coach/Official/Spectator- Suggest that you only choose one of these.
      • If your child or family members are embarrassed by you- YOU need to change!

    Be a good listener and a great encourager!

    • All Ears when your child is ready to talk.
    • Be your child’s biggest fan!
    • Good Athletes learn better when they seek their own answers


    Signs of a Nightmare Sports Parent

    Overemphasizing sports at the expense of sportsmanship

    • Best Athletes perform at an even keel, WIN OR LOSE!
    • Encouragement is Crucial- especially during adversity

    Having different goals than your child

    • Athlete- Have fun, enjoy time with friends, improve, and win!
    • Parents- scholarship, making All-Star Team

    Treating your child differently after a loss than a win.

    • “I love watching you play”
    • “I am proud of you”

    Undermining the Coach

    • Athletes need a single voice during games.
    • That voice has to be the coach

    Living your own athletic dream through your child

    • Taking credit when the child has done well
    • Outcome of game means more to you than your child
    • You regularly attend practice