Teacher of the Year Program

  • The Kirkwood Teachers of the Year program is designed by teachers to honor and recognize the efforts of all Kirkwood School District teachers. The program is reviewed each year by a selection committee of representatives from each of the nine schools. The committee's objective is to provide an opportunity for all staff in the Kirkwood School District to honor a Teacher of the Year from their individual building.

    Please note: The nominee must be a certified full-time classroom teacher, grades Pre-K through 12, career and technical educator, guidance counselor, library media specialist, or hold a similar position and is actively engaged in classroom teaching. School personnel whose major responsibility is administrative or supervisory is ineligible.

  • KSD Teachers of the Year

    The 2022-23 Teachers of the Year are: Susan Tiffany (KECC), Katie Lorenz (Keysor), Julie Pritchard (North Glendale), Laura Grayson (Robinson), Elizabeth Curtis (Tillman), Adrienne Fox-Ray (Westchester), Scott Warren (Nipher), Kristin Siebert (North Kirkwood), and Katie Meyers (Kirkwood High S chool). Katie Meyers, Kirkwood High School Language Arts teacher, was selected as the Kirkwood School District Teacher of the Year for 2022-23. Katie was selected through an interview process conducted by the Teacher of the Year selection committee.