• We welcome you and your child to a fun and exciting school year! Our goal for your student during their time with us is to feel safe, have fun, and gain important pre academic skills to give them a solid foundation for their academic and social future. 

    In the Lion Room, we hope to make your child’s transition as smooth as possible and to help them adjust to his/her new learning environment. Please contact us through email or by calling our extension 3609 to speak to us directly. We have an open door policy and welcome regular communication at drop off and pick up.

    It is our belief that at this age the most powerful source of learning is through your child’s own construction. Children at this age learn by doing, watching, sharing their thinking, and by interacting with each other.  Throughout the day your student will be engaging in learning centers, whole group instruction, small group instruction, and making choices about their learning. Moving from the two and three year old classroom to the three and four year old classroom is a big jump both academically and socially for your student.  You will notice as the weeks and months go by that we step the curriculum up little by little. The first few weeks will be spent building community among the students and teachers. 

    In the Lion Room we believe that your student cannot learn unless they feel loved, cared for, and supported.  These connections among both teacher and students are vital. Your student will be learning about how to function in a classroom setting that requires your student to both work as a team and make independent decisions. Along with building your student’s social skills he or she will also be engaging in developmentally appropriate academic opportunities. 

    We look forward to getting to know you and your child. We are excited to begin our year of learning and fun!

Lion Room