• Curricular Work During the 2021-22 School Year

    District-level facilitators coordinate most curricular work with our teachers, supporting efforts to evaluate, research, revise, develop, and implement new curricula in accordance with the KSD Review & Process Guide. Thirty-one different curricular areas are in one of four phases of our curricular review cycle this year, with teachers working on well over 100 courses or grade level curricula.  There are 43 separate courses and/or grade level curriculum in development this year, working toward Board approval before June 2022.

    Coordinators for the 2021-22 school year are noted in the column to the right, with curricular areas they support. Use the drop-down menu below to view specific curricular areas that are in various stages of our cycle this year.

  • Program Evaluation

  • Research

  • Development

  • Implementation Year 1