• Track & Field rules

    TEAM RULES:                                          

    1. Practice is EVERYDAY unless it is canceled by Coach McWoods, the Athletic office or the Kirkwood School District.

    2.Post your attendance daily on the Groupme App. If you will be absent, state your reason why you will be absent.

    3.If you are not going to be able to participate in a  track & field meet that you are expected to compete in, talk to the event coach as early as possible.

    4.Wear proper attire to practice (training shoes, sweats, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, or any other workout attire, no jeans, jog bras without a shirt worn on top is not acceptable and boys may not run with shirts off)

    5.Coach McWoods will decide if your absence will be considered excused or unexcused, (depends if it is a family emergency, school event, illness, injury, suspension, etc.)

    6.If you have been given permission by Coach McWoods to participate in a club sport in the spring (basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball etc.) you will need to first communicate with Coach McWoods to see if both sports can be done at the same time and you will need to make sure that Coach McWoods has a copy of your practice and game schedule. If there is too much interference, then you may have to make a decision between track & field and your club sport.

    7.If you need to leave early from practice for any reason, please check with your event coach first.

    8.All school rules must be adhered to by each athlete in order to remain a member of the track & field team. These infractions, such as profanity, theft, suspension, disrespectful conduct on KSD property, KSD school bus and illegal behavior that has been reported and confirmed by a school official  or law enforcement.

    9.Rules regarding arriving to and from track and field meets will be communicated at the parents meeting. Students are not allowed to drive to a track and field meet, unless they have been cleared by Coach McWoods. Athletes may not drive others to track and field meets unless approved by Coach McWoods and parents. Athletes are not allowed to leave an away track and field meet with a non-family member, unless approved by Coach McWoods and parents, which will include a signed note. Upon leaving the meet, the athlete must speak with an event coach to notify that he or she will be leaving the meet with a family member.

    10. Have fun!