Media Inquiries

  • The Kirkwood School District Board of Education is committed to open communication with the District's students, parents, patrons and the public in general. The District will make a systematic effort to communicate with the public using newsletters, student handbooks, local media and the District's website.

    Media Interviews with Staff Members
    If a reporter is interested in interviewing a Kirkwood School District employee, the first point of contact is the Community Relations and Development (CRD) Office. Please call our office at 314-213-6102 or you may contact Steph Deidrick, Chief Communications Officer. If a reporter is interested in visiting a school, please contact us to assist in arranging a visit to ensure staff and students are available and the educational process is not disrupted.

    Student Interviews and Photographs
    The Kirkwood School District is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). CRD staff is responsible for ensuring permission from parents has been obtained prior to photographing or interviewing any student under the age of 18, which is why reporters and school officials should contact the CRD office prior to scheduling an interview or photo opportunity.