• Kirkwood Band Booster Volunteer Opportunities

    The Kirkwood Band program relies on the Kirkwood Band Boosters and parent volunteers to help meet the needs of our students. We ask that all band parents spend a small amount of time helping and coordinating projects that assist in the growth and efficiency of the Band Program. There may also be things not listed below that come up throughout the year. We ask that each parent find a way to participate in the band experience.

    Please email us at KirkwoodBandBoosters@gmail.com to volunteer.

    Some activities that need parent support and assistance include:

    Uniforms for Game Nights - This is helping kids find everything they need to find before home games. If you like to solve chaos, this is your gig. By signing up for this, you are not committing to every game but you will be on the list to be contacted for this.

    Uniform Fittings and Organization - This involves checkout and return, uniform repairs, and uniform organization. There are several day/night uniform fittings for the students. Honestly, it is fun to see the students after the summer, and they get excited about their uniform.

    Concert Band Sewing Help - Each season we need a few pants and skirts hemmed and maybe a button attached before performances begin. Everything should come marked to make things as easy as possible. If you have this skill, please let us know. The more people we have the less each individual has to do.

    Band Roadies for Friday Night Lights Volunteers help with field equipment for the half-time show and third quarter refreshments. We only need a little bit of your time before the game to ice down drinks and organize snacks and then at halftime. Don’t worry – you will get to watch the show!

    Cardinals Game - This is an outing in the fall where the band plays at Busch Stadium before a game, and then we all watch the game as a group. We typically have 1-2 volunteers to help disburse tickets to families prior to game day and then to the students after their performance at the game

    Mattress Fundraiser This event takes place in late September (typically after Greentree). We have a company that organizes most of this even for us. We typically have one volunteer to coordinate with that company, help with advertising (flyers, etc.) and organize some snacks on the day of the event.

    Citrus Fruit Sale Fundraiser - This involves tracking sales, coordination, and communication. This event takes place in late fall.

    TJ's Pizza Sales - This is a fundraiser for the band trip (every other year). This involves tracking sales, coordination, and communication. We do anticipate a trip in spring of 2023, so we will need a lead for this fundraiser for 2022-2023.

    Photography and Video - This involves taking video and photos during band camp, games, and possibly the Greentree parade and making a video to share with the students and parents. The photos and videos are also used in communications and on social media.

    Band Camp Helpers - This involves planning of activities, prizes, and snacks for Band Camp in August. We have a lead for this but need helpers to assist with snacks when camp lets out in the evenings.

    Pioneer Pride Store - Students sign up for band gear when they register in the spring, and it needs to be distributed in early fall. KB2 also provides an opportunity to order additional band gear before holiday break (for gifts - hint, hint!). Volunteers would help with organizing and distributing the orders. We typically have a lead person coordinate with the vendor and select the options for the holiday store.

    Bandemonium - This is a really fun night in the fall where the 8th graders join the marching band. After the performance, the high schoolers do some special awards in the cafeteria. Volunteers decorate the cafeteria before the performance and make arrangements for some cookies (or similar treats) to be handed out after the awards.

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