• Course Description

    Students taking the Algebra II course will extend and deepen the foundations laid in Algebra I.  Mastery of the concepts in Algebra II is essential to further success in mathematics.  Students in Honors Algebra II will cover topics listed below at an accelerated pace and with greater rigor.  Additional topics/units noted below (H) will only be part of the Honors Algebra II course.

    Grade Level(s): 9-12 - Duration 1 Year

    Related Priority Standards (State &/or National): K-12 Mathematics Missouri Learning Standards   

    Enduring Understanding/Big Ideas:

    • Students will determine expressions and values using mathematical operations, procedures and rules.
    • Students will translate mathematical information from a single representation or across multiple representations in order to develop processes to solve problems.
    • Students will recognize mathematical reasoning requires justification of both process and solution.
    • Students will use correct notation, language and mathematical conventions to classify concepts and communicate results or solutions.

    Course-Level Scope & Sequence (Units &/or Skills)

    Unit 1: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

    • Expressions - simplify polynomial and radical expressions
    • Pascals Triangle (H)
    • Equations and Inequalities
    • Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 2: Introduction to Functions

    • Domain and Range
    • Parent Functions and Transformations
    • Function Notation and Composite Functions
    • Difference Quotient (H)
    • One to One Functions and Inverses

    Unit 3: Linear Relations

    • Slope
    • Graphing Linear Functions and Inequalities
    • Forms of Linear Functions - Point Slope and Standard Form
    • Solutions
    • Writing Equations of Linear Functions
    • Applications
    • Piecewise Functions

    Unit 4: Systems of Equations

    • Graphing Systems of Equations
    • Substitution and Eliminations
    • 3 by 3
    • Applications
    • Graphing Systems of Inequalities

    Unit 5: Quadratics

    • Describing Quadratics from parent function
    • Factoring
    • Zero Product Rule
    • Complete the Square and Quadratic Formula
    • Graphing and Describing Quadratics
    • Writing Equations of Quadratics
    • Applications
    • Quadratic Inequalities

    Unit 6: Complex Numbers

    • Discriminant
    • Operations with Complex Numbers
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Writing Equations
    • Applications

    Unit 7: Exponential Functions

    • Graphing Exponential Functions
    • Properties of Exponents
    • Rational Exponents
    • Solving Exponential Equations

    Unit 8: Logarithmic Functions

    • Graphing Logarithms
    • Rewriting Logs as exponents
    • Laws of Logarithms
    • Solving Logarithmic Equations
    • Applications

    Unit 9: Polynomial Functions

    • Factoring Review
    • Parent Functions and Transformations
    • Division - Long and Synthetic
    • Factor Theorem
    • Graphing Polynomial Functions

    Unit 10: Rational Functions

    • Multiply and Divide Expressions
    • Add and Subtract Expressions
    • Solve Equations
    • Graph Rational Functions

    Unit 11: Combinatorics (H)

    • Permutations
    • Combinations
    • Binomial Theoem
    • Probability

    Course Resources & Materials: District and teacher-made resources

    Date Last Revised/Approved: 2002