• Course Description

    Class time in the Introduction to Marketing class blends creative group projects and problem-solving challenges. Students will learn the foundations of marketing by creating designs for music festivals, developing a new product and creating social media strategies/graphics, and developing a promotional plan for a new product just introduced to the market. Promotional strategies learned will include digital communication, social media strategy, online advertising, video/audio marketing, graphic design, and many others. Students are also eligible to be in DECA/FBLA through this class. Intro to Marketing is a prerequisite for Advanced Marketing.

    *Dual credit available through Missouri State University upon completion of Intro to Marketing AND Advanced Marketing

    Grade Level(s): 10th-12th Grades

    Related Priority Standards (State &/or National): Missouri Show-Me Standards, Missouri BMIT Instructional Framework

    Course-Level Scope & Sequence (Units &/or Skills)

    Strand: Understanding Marketing Concepts

    • Explain the marketing process
    • Explain the four basic foundations of marketing
    • Understand the relationship of the seven functions of marketing
    • Describe the five economic utilities
    • Describe the marketing concept
    • Analyze customers through market segmentation
    • Develop the four P’s (product, place, price and promotion) of the marketing mix
    • Analyze current demographic, psychographic and geographic trends

    Strand: Interpreting Basic Principles of Economic & Political Systems

    • Interpret the basic principles of a free enterprise system
    • Explain the role of the government in our economy
    • Interpret the economic theory of supply and demand
    • Explain the factors that make up an economy
    • Distinguish between a market economy, a command economy and a mixed economy
    • Differentiate between the three political philosophies (capitalism, socialism, and communism)
    • Interpret the economic measurements used to analyze an economy
    • Determine the four phases of the business cycle

    Strand: Understanding How a Business Works

    • Explain the basic functions of a business.
    • Compare and contrast the different classifications of businesses
    • Discuss workplace trends
    • Evaluate issues of ethics and social responsibility that businesses face in marketing their goods and services

    Strand: Understanding International Trade

    • Examine the benefits of international trade
    • Analyze how governments control and monitor international trade

    Strand: Understanding The Sales Process

    • Explain how a salesperson prepares for a sale
    • Identify the features and benefits of a product
    • Determine how customers make decisions.
    • Examine how salespersons find information about a product and industry
    • Understand the importance of the approach in the sales process
    • Determine customer needs in the sales process
    • Understand the product presentation step of the sale
    • Understand customer objections
    • Identify the buying signals customers send
    • Demonstrate how to close the sale
    • Demonstrate how to suggestive sell
    • Justify the importance of relationship marketing for businesses

    Strand: Applying Promotional Mix

    • Apply the concept of the promotional mix
    • Examine the types of promotion
    • Explain the concept of trade promotion
    • Analyze consumer sales promotions

    Strand: Understanding Public Relations

    • Examine the nature and scope of public relations
    • Determine the different audiences for public relations
    • Produce a news release

    Strand: Understanding the Basic Principles of Advertising

    • Understand the concept and purpose of advertising
    • Develop different types of advertising media
    • Understand how the media sets rates

    Strand: Understanding an Advertising Campaign

    • Explain how advertising agencies develop advertisements

    Strand: Channels of Distribution

    •  Define the channel members

    Strand: Understanding Physical Distribution

    • Explain the nature and scope of physical distribution

    Strand: Principles and Practices of Pricing

    • Explain the goals of pricing
    • Distinguish between the market share and market position
    • Explain the four factors which affect price planning
    • Apply the theory of demand elasticity
    • Understand the government regulations that affect price planning

    Strand: Pricing Strategies

    • Understand the basic pricing strategies
    • Explain the product life cycle that products move through
    • Examine the various pricing techniques

    Strand: Conducting Market Research

    • Construct a consumer survey

    Strand: Understanding Business Decisions - Production & Sale of Products

    • Determine the product mix of a business
    • Explain the different product mix strategies
    • Identify the various branding elements
    • Analyze the different types of brands
    • Understand the principal functions of product packaging
    • Examine the main functions of labeling

    Strand: Exploring Careers in the Field of Marketing

    • Explore the various careers within the field of marketing

    Date Last Revised/Approved:  2010