• Course Description

    Students taking Newspaper Journalistic Writing II will be responsible for producing The Kirkwood Call, the school news magazine, and TheKirkwoodCall.com website. Students will produce issues of the The Kirkwood Call during the school year and be responsible for production of the Turkey Day football program when the game is in Kirkwood.  Students will work in teams to produce elements for the newspaper and website in the area of news, editorials, sports and features, photography, art, graphic design and advertising. Each member will be responsible for some aspect of production.  Students are also required to sell advertising.  Students are expected to spend approximately 15 hours a month outside of class, independently and/or during publication deadlines.

    Grade Level(s): 10th-12th Grades

    Related Standards (State &/or National): Missouri Show-Me Standards

    Course-Level Scope & Sequence (Units &/or Skills)

    This course provides students with opportunities to participate in an authentic journalistic production environment in which they are responsible for producing the school newspaper and other print-related products.  The responsibilities inherent in such a production class result in skills that students can transfer to a variety of experiences and careers.  In alignment with the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, we believe scholastic journalists should (1) seek the truth and report it, (2) act independently, (3) minimize harm, and (4) be accountable.  Specific journalistic skills to be developed through this course are noted below. 

    • Writing
      • Students will apply a writing process to compose text for publication.
      • Students will develop a clear and coherent message.
      • Students will compose well-organized texts/concise and clear copy.
      • Students will use precise and vivid language.
      • Students will use AP style conventions, etc.
      • Students will understand and apply knowledge of law and ethics related to journalism.
    • Publishing/Presenting
      • Students will design and publish the newspaper
        • Write and publish work in the newspaper
        • Utilize design skills for publication
        • Ulitilize photo composition and editing skills
        • Use technology to produce writing and layouts
    • Reading
      • Students will develop journalistic vocabulary.
      • Students will think critically about a variety of media.
        • Compare, contrast, analyze, and evaluate connections
        • Use details from informational and persuasive texts
        • Read and apply multistep directions to perform complex procedures and/or tasks
    • Speaking and Listening
      • Students will develop and apply effective discussion, interviewing, and presentation skills.
      • Students will develop and apply effective listening skills and strategies.

    Date Last Revised/Approved: 2010