Opt Out Information

    • Families can search and explore titles within our school libraries via Destiny Discover, accessible via our district website and each school's library media site.
    • Families wishing to opt their students out of specific titles, restricting their checkout to these books, can submit requests via school-specific forms.
    • KSD has compiled an aggregate list of book titles from the American Library Association's (ALA) annual Top 10 Most Challenged Books lists between 2001-2021.  This list has been cross-referenced against each school's collection to assist families in their research and decision-making.  It is important to note that ALA's lists are based on information gathered from communities across the United States, not specific to the KSD community.  The inclusion of these lists on our website does not imply that ALA or the Kirkwood School District believe these books to be inappropriate for student use.

    We recognize that not all books within a library will be of interest to all students within a school, and some topics may be more appropriate for some students than others.  Families are encouraged to research materials available in our libraries, as desired, and have conversations with their children about any library resources they'd prefer their students avoid and/or refrain from reading.  Families do have the option of restricting their child's checkout privileges to specific books.

    Please use the drop-down menu below to find answers to several frequently asked questions.

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  • Why are books included in the ALA lists of challenged books available to students in our school libraries?

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  • What if I don't want my student to read a book assigned by a teacher?

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  • What if I think a book should be removed from a library - for all students, not just for my own?