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Season 2

  • What is Parents as Teachers (PAT)?

    by Length: 22:04

    Let’s set the stage: You are a parent of young children. You have had A. DAY. with said young children. One is still not sleeping through the night, and one has a major case of the whines. You have read the books (well, parts of them, at least–who has time to read?!). You have Googled, followed, and swiped all things parenting.That village you hear about--where do you go about finding one of those? Well, today is your lucky day because you have found it! Not only that, but what if I told you it was no cost, tailored to your own family and situation, and is all delivered to your doorstep?

    Missouri families: listen in because we can FREE!

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  • Episode 6: I Can't Even

    by Length: 38.55

    Are you working so hard to teach your child skills to be independent, and you just KNOW they can do it but are getting a big dose of the I can'ts? Or do you find yourself doing a whole lot for your child and don't know how to begin working towards independence? This one's for you! Listen in to find out why fostering independence is helpful for everyone involved, and strategies to get started, as well as working through the "I can't do it" phases.

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Season 1

  • Episode 5: We're Heading to Kindergarten!

    by Length: 33:46

    Have a little one that is headed to Kindergarten this fall? You might be wondering if they are "ready". We took some time to break down some important skills to work on and hopefully, do a lot of reassuring that no matter what, your kiddo will do great!

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  • Episode 4: Searching For Sibling Synergy

    by Length: 33:51

    Whether you are a new "sib parent" or a veteran, tune in to find some great strategies to build and maintain your sanity with those siblings! (and maybe find a few ways to deal with your own sibs!). Enjoy!

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  • Episode 3: Mealtime Madness

    by Length: 19:57

    Thought mealtimes with kids would be different than they are? Does the dinner bell trigger panic in your heart? Listen up for some great information and strategies to help turn your family table from chaos to calm.

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  • Episode 2: Setting Boundaries in Parenting-Part 2

    by Kirkwood PAT Length: 9:20

    Bonus episode! Just as important--if not more so--than being consistent with boundaries is knowing how to repair the relationship when things do not go as planned. Continue listening to the discussion from episode 1 and hear a few ways you might re-think and adjust those "bumpers" when you need to.

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  • Episode 1: Setting Boundaries in Parenting-Part 1

    by Kirkwood Parents as Teachers Length: 32:16

    Join us as we discuss setting boundaries as a parent: what they are, what they mean, and how they can help not only your child(ren), but YOU, too!

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