• The Kirkwood School District values the importance of communication to ensure the best possible educational experience for our community. We are always tweaking our communication tools to best fit the needs of our families, staff and students.

    Kirkwood School District Communication Tools:

    KSD Automated Phone calls:

    Used to alert parents about school and district news, events, school closings due to inclement weather and crisis situations.

    KSD Email:

    information that may come from your school principal’s email or news@kirkwoodschoools.org.

    KSD Website:

    Current information includes a calendar,  handbook and policy information, school lunch information, posting of daily announcements, links to important documents and news events.

    KSD Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/KirkwoodSchoolDistrict

    KSD Twitter feed follow us @kwoodschools

    KSD App

    Download the app in Google Play