College or University Scholarships:  Exploring college or university scholarships is great place to start!  In fact, as you create a list of schools you intend to apply to, take the time to research the scholarships they offer.  Institutional awards tend to have higher dollar amounts, are more likely to be renewable (provided you meet requirements) and may make a high sticker price institution more affordable.  Since scholarships vary among colleges and universities, be sure to check to following:

    • Are you considered for scholarships when you apply for admissions? What is the deadline?
    • Is there a separate scholarship application? What is the deadline?

     Consider Local Opportunities: Below are ways to explore local scholarship opportunities. 

    • Find Scholarships in your area with My Scholarship Central Search Tool
    • August, September, October Scholarship Opportunities (PDF) - KHS listing of outside scholarships by month.
    • KHS Teacher To Teacher Scholarship - Available in February of 2022.
    • Kirkwood/Glendale Kiwanis Club Scholarship - Available in February of 2022.
    • Kirkwood Area Perpetual Scholarship (KAPS) - Available in February of 2022.
    • The Rotary Club of Kirkwood Scholarships - Available in February of 2022.
    • Kirkwood School District Foundation Named Awards (KSDF) - Available in January of 2022.
    • Also explore Elks, Local Banks, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Honors Society, etc. Does your parent/guardian’s employer offer a scholarship or tuition reimbursement?

    Search for National Scholarship Opportunities: . You may find these sites helpful for national scholarship searches.  Please note that these sites are not endorsed by the Kirkwood School District.