Advanced Placement Courses (AP)
    The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a nationwide program of college level courses and exams for secondary school students.  AP courses are taught on the college level.  Colleges and universities can receive the AP examination grades and use them as a basis for granting credit and/or placement to entering students whose scores meet their requirements.  AP exam scores are highly recognized and honored by most colleges and universities in the United States.  

    When students take the AP Exam for an AP Class, the student will receive an exam score of 1-5.  While colleges and universities use this score to issue college credit, the AP exam score and AP Courses a college accepts varies.  Even though students get KHS credit for an AP Course, their AP Exam score will NOT be on their transctipt.  Students need to visit the College Board website to send their AP Exam scores to their desired college or university.

    Dual Credit
    The Dual Credit Program provides an opportunity for high-performing high school students to take high-quality, lower-division college courses on their high school campus.  Benefits for taking courses for dual credit include an advanced start on college credits, savings of travel time, reduced costs, use of campus facilities and the challenge of completing university coursework while in high school.  

    When a student takes a Dual Credit course at KHS, the student will have a transcript at that university with their Dual Credit course on the transcript.  While students get KHS credit for the course, their KHS transcript will NOT denote the College Credit a student has received for the Dual Credit course.  If a student wants their Dual Credit sent to a specific college or university, they need to contact the univeristy that isssued the Dual Credit and have them send their transcript to their desired college or universtiy.  

    The full list of KHS courses available for dual credit can be found at this google link (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fLB68MewG_liBIW3xNMMiU7qCaz-oymiDapqvuuvuMM/edit?usp=sharing).