College & University Representatives Vist KHS:  Last year, over 100 different college and university representatives visited KHS!  Even though they cannot visit in person this year, KHS juniors and seniors can still learn about various institutions through Naviance Virtual Rep Visits.  The visits usually last 30-45 minutes and gives students the opportunity to interact with college representatives in a small group setting.  Students sign up in advance.  While most schools visit KHS between September and November, there is a limited number of schools that visit from February to April.  

    Campus Visits:  A key part of deciding which college to attend is finding a good fit.  Making an actual, official campus visit will give you a firsthand view and a true feel of the school.  In fact, a campus visit might have the biggest impact on the choice of your school.  It is important to contact the admissions office and set up an official campus visit.  If possible, campus visits should be scheduled in the Spring of Junior year and try your best to visit when the college is in session.  Campus Visits - Helpful Hints & Questions