Overview:  Applying to college can seem overwhelming and cubersome to many students and families.  Since the college application process has various components and deadlines, it is important to simplify the process.  A good first step is to become famiiar with the components of an application and the types of admission options listed below.  Understanding these application components and the admissions options will allow you to make decisions that are best for you.  Secondly, get organized and give yourself time.  Whether that be paper organized in a binder or electronically organizing your document, it is imperative to be organized in this process.  Give yourself alloted time work on applications and work in chunks.  Waiting until the last minute to complete the components of applications usually results in rushed work and increased anxiety.  As you begin to work in this process, keep working closely with you college counselor.  The KHS College Application Process (PDF)

    Types of Admission

    • Early Decision (ED):  Early Decision is a binding college admissions option and it is for students that are 100% committed to attending that school.  If a student is admitted under ED, they are to enroll in that school and withdraw any other applications.  ED dealines are usually in November and students usually receive an admission decision in December.  Learn more about ED
    • Early Decision II (ED II):  Early Decision II has the same stipulations of ED.  However, the application deadlines for ED II are usually in January and students usually receive an admission decision in February.
    • Early Action (EA):  Early Action is a non-binding college admisions option and students are not required to enroll if admitted.  If a school has Single-Choice Early Action (Restrictive), students can only apply to one school as an Early Action applicant.  EA dealines are usually in November and students usually receive an admission decision in December.  Learn more about EA
    • Regular Decision (RD): Process where students apply by published deadlines and receive an admission decision by April 1.  
    • Rolling Admission: Colleges and Universities review applications as they are received and release admission decisions regularly.  Most schools use a rolling admission process.