Requesting Transcripts: In order for your high school transcripts to be sent, first, you have to have your Transcript Release Form (PDF) signed by you and your parent or legal guardian.  Your college counselor must have this form signed and on record before any transcripts or letters of recommendation can be released.  Every college will require an official copy of your KHS transcripts before they will review your application for admission.  When you submit a request, your transcripts are not automatically sent to your college/ university.  It must be uploaded/ processed by your college counselor. We ask that you request your transcripts at least two weeks prior to your deadline to allow our office enough time to process everything in a timely manner.

    School-Specific Applications:  Students need to request their transcripts via email with their College & Career Counselor.  Students will need to include the information below in their email request.

    • Which schools do you want transcript sent to?
    • When did you submit your application?
    • Confirm your College & Career Counselor has received your request.

    Common Application: A student using the Common Application must invite their college counselor to their Common App Account and their transcripts will be uploaded to their Common Application Account.