Even though the College Essay is the most challenging part of the application, it is also the application component where colleges look to gain insight into your unique background, interests and personality.  Since the college essay is the one part of the application you have total control over, it is important you take the needed time to clearly articulate your passions and motivations.

    What to keep in mind

    • The College Admissions Office will read thousands and thousands and thousands of essays - so you want to make sure yours is short and focused
    • The College Admissions Office wants to hear about YOU .  You want to make this essay uniquely yours, expressing who you are and what you are about.

    How to pick your topic

    • Consider your audience.  You want the admissions people to feel like they know you by the end of the essay.  You also want them to know the different qualities you have that will help them decide in favor of your application.
    • The essay topics are broad so that a range of students can write about them in a meaningful way.  The first step you have to take is to narrow your topic down. 
    • Think about your passions and the everyday occurrences make you unique.