• Course Registration for Incoming Freshman for the 2022-2023 School Year

    On January 18th & 19th, the high school counselors presented to the middle school 8th graders about registering for their freshman year courses at Kirkwood High School. 

    Please contact your middle school counselors (Nipher - Lauren Wallace or North - Justin Jansen) with questions, especially those concerning core class placements. 

    Students must complete the Course Selection Sheet and enter their course selections into the Infinite Campus Portal. As enrollment numbers at KHS continue to increase, it is more important than ever to make students’ initial course requests as accurate as possible. These course selections drive and mandate our entire teaching schedule.

    It is required that each student have 14/14 scheduling units for a full schedule and alternate courses. Students are not guaranteed their first choices. 

    Helpful Information -

    Current Kirkwood 8th graders will have through January 26, 2022 to choose their classes and register online. 

    For New Student information, please check out our Prospective Students page.



    Kirkwood High School students work on updating their personal Academic Plan each fall. Current KHS students choose courses for next school year through the Infinite Campus Portal in December.  If you have questions, concerns or need to make a change, contact your Grade Level or College & Career Counselor. We are here to provide support and counsel.

    9th GRADE (Class of 2025): Counselor: Rachel.Cosic@kirkwoodschools.org

    10th GRADE (Class of 2024): Counselor: Joe.Fisch@kirkwoodschools.org

    11th GRADE (Class of 2023): Counselor: Sarah.Esslinger@kirkwoodschools.org

    College & Career Counselor (Last Names starting A-K): Joshua.Jaworowski@kirkwoodschools.org

    College & Career Counselor (Last Name starting L-Z): Abby.Peterson@kirkwoodschools.org