Counselors will meet with each grade level about creating an Academic Plan the end of November-December 1st.  

    Things to consider:

    • Think about your career and areas of interest.
      • There are lots of helpful resources available. Did you take any quizzes about career or interests with your counselor? To review or seek additional information, check this out!
    • Examine the "Career Cluster" pages for ideas.
      • Interested in being a nurse? Or an architect? Possibly a carpenter or a geologist? See the above link for KHS course suggestions. The pages can also be found in the back of the 2022-2023 Course Book
    • Choose classes that correlate to your interests. 
      • School might be more fun if you take classes that spark your curiosity. Also, dare to try new things. 

    Students will have through December 17th to complete their plan. Please talk to your teachers, parents and counselors to aid you in your choices to find the best fit and balance. 

    It is important that students realize they are selecting courses they would like in their schedule for next school year. And any additional courses added to their plan beyond next school year will be revisited and adjusted in the future. 

     Helpful Links:


    Course Registration for Incoming Freshman for the 2022-2023 School Year

    The Kirkwood High School grade level counselors will be going over to the middle schools in the middle of Januay 2022 to give presentations to the current 8th graders about course selection for the 2022-2023 school year at KHS.

    • Tuesday, January 18th - North Kirkwood Middle School
    • Wednesday, January 19th - Nipher Middle School

    For New Student information, please check out our Prospective Students page.


    The counselors encourage students to reflect on their interests and strengths when selecting classes as well as have conversations with parents and teachers to help navigate their courseload. While choosing courses, please consider the following:

    • Your areas of interest and career aspirations
      • Through Naviance, students can access the Career Interest Profile and the Career Cluster Finder career exploration tools.
      • Browse the Career Cluster pages at the back of the Course Book (pgs 132-139)
      • Also check out the Career Exploration board in the Counseling hallway
    • Post-secondary goals
    • Rigorous but balanced course load