Kirkwood High School offers a variety of services and supports for student success. The Pioneer Pathways is our alternative branch that offers creative ways to educate and foster positive relationships with staff and students.

    Dr. Shiree Yeggins

    Pioneer Pathways Principal

    314-213-6100 ext. 1307



    Kimberly Thomas

             Pioneer Pathways Counselor

    314-213-6100 ext. 1046



    Jamie Vanderleest

             Pioneer Pathways Social Worker

    314-213-6100 ext. 1291



    Amber Kapral

             Pioneer Pathways Advisor

    314-213-6100 ext. 1875



    Paula Martin

             Pioneer Pathways Administrative Assistant 

    314-213-6100 ext. 1307


    Innovation Center: The Innovation Center fosters nurturing and supportive relationships in order to create powerful, engaging instruction and experiences that stretch students in ways they never envisioned so that they may become positive and productive citizens while at KHS and beyond. The Innovate Program is a voluntary program.  Students struggling for a variety of reasons can be referred to the program.  Counselors, administrators, teachers, parents and students themselves may make a referral. 

    Discovery Center: Discovery provides a productive, consistent, and safe non-traditional community for high school students on the campus of KHS.  Given the unique needs of the students we serve, Discovery is relationship based programming with individual learning experiences that develop the potential of every student.  We realize that for various reasons, not all students attain full success the traditional way.  It is our goal to provide for each student the academic and or social and emotional support they need in order to succeed.  We pride ourselves in knowing students on a personal level, valuing and treating each one as an individual, and placing them at the center of our decisions.



    Summer School: Kirkwood High school offers a summer school program for its students during the month of June.  The program consists of credit recovery and credit enhancement courses.  You may enroll in either credit recovery or credit enhancement-not both.  Both programs require strict attendance-lack of attendance will result in them being dropped from the course.  Priority for enrollment is given to rising senior students who need the course for graduation.  Students can take one course for ½ credit or two courses for 1 credit.  Bus service is not available for credit enhancement.

    • Credit Recovery: Credit recovery courses are designed for students who fail a core class (English, Math, Science & Social Studies) and must retake the class to meet a graduation requirement.  Courses run 4 hours in length and last 8 days for Session 1 and 9 days for Session 2. Bus service is available for students eligible for transportation. 
    • Credit enhancement: Students who have not failed a core course can take a credit enhancement class. Health, Personal Finance, and Lifetime Fitness are the credit enhancement courses offered if enrollment dictates. Health and Personal Finance will be offered online through the Launch program. Lifetime Fitness will be offered on campus. Lifetime Fitness has a strict attendance policy - a student can have only 1 day of absence (4 hours). Any Lifetime Fitness student that has over 4 hours of absence will be dropped from the course.

    Study Focus: Identified students are recommended for Study Focus. This is a more involved Study Hall period for students who need additional social/emotional and/or academic support. Also intended to assist those in need of executive function coaching to better plan and prepare coursework.  It also provides a scheduled time to visit Pride Center, collaborate with peers, meet with teachers and complete assignments

    Online Classes: In the 2021-2022 school year, Kirkwood High School rolled out the Pioneer e-Learning Academy. The asynchronous virtual courses were created based on the Kirkwood in-person curriculum and are taught by Kirkwood teachers. For more information about courses offered and additional details visit the Pioneer e-Learning Academy (PeLA) website.

    The Kirkwood School District has partnered with Launch, a virtual academy that offers students quality online learning options.  Launch’s online courses are taught by highly qualified Missouri certified teachers. The Launch courses meet student’s individual needs while providing fresh options for families looking to expand their children’s learning opportunities at the high school level.

    Please contact the Pioneer Pathways advisor, Amber Kapral with questions about course offerings, virtual learning and enrollment.


    South Tech High School: Juniors and seniors may enroll in South Tech High School in St. Louis County in cooperation with Kirkwood High School on a half-day basis.  Students may apply for acceptance to a morning or afternoon session that specializes in a specific career skill.  The core curricular subjects are taken at Kirkwood High School for the balance of the day.  The credit earned at Tech School will be entered in the Kirkwood Transcript.

    St. Louis Center for Advanced Professional Studies (STL CAPS):  Juniors and seniors may enroll in the STL CAPS program on a half-day basis. It provides high school students the opportunity to fast-forward beyond college to test-drive their future in high-skill, high demand careers. Students may apply for acceptance to a morning or afternoon session that specializes in a specific career skill. On a daily basis, students have the unique opportunity to learn outside the walls of a traditional high school since each course is hosted by business partners in professional workplaces such as medical centers, research labs, small business co-working incubators, and higher education facilities. The core curricular subjects are taken at Kirkwood High School for the balance of the day.  The credit earned through STL CAPS will be entered in the Kirkwood transcript.