• Preparing for the Campus Visit

    Helpful Hints for an Effective Campus Visit

    1. Call the Admissions Office to schedule a campus tour, and an information session/ interview with an admissions officer. If possible, sit in on classes, eat the cafeteria food, sleep in the dorms.
    2. Do not schedule more than two schools per day. Give yourself ample time to roam the campus before or after the interview.
    3. Be punctual! Make sure you have given yourself a cushion time to accommodate any missed turns, traffic jams, or foul weather. If, despite your best efforts, you are still going to be late, call the Admissions Office to inform them of your situation.
    4. Be sure to note the name of the admissions officer you meet. Direct future phone calls and correspondence to him or her. (REMEMBER TO WRITE A THANK YOU LETTER!)
    5. Read the campus newspaper to discover the burning school issues.
    6. Scan the bulletin boards and kiosks for announcements and for messages; these sorts of communications reveal a great deal about the tone of the school.
    7. Talk with students on your own, without parents and without the admission representatives, when their answers will be more candid. The way you are received will also give you some indication of the friendliness of the community.
    8. Be aware of walking distances. Is it easy to get around campus?
    9. Take time to explore the area surrounding campus. Would you feel comfortable walking in this area alone? Is there a clear divide between the area and campus? Is there enough to do in the area around campus?
    10. Take pictures!!

    Questions to Ask Your Tour Guide 

    1. How large are all of your classes?
    2. Who teaches you in these classes? (Graduate assistants or professors?)
    3. Does this school have a core curriculum? How restrictive is it? Is there a world language requirement?
    4. How adequate is the library? The computer facilities?
    5. When do you have to declare your major? What are the most popular majors?
    6. What experiences have you had with the advising system? How well do you know your advisor and how were you matched with him/her?
    7. How do I register for classes? How likely is it that I will be shut out of a class I need?
    8. How accessible is the faculty?
    9. How competitive are the students? Are people grade-driven or do they enjoy actually learning the material?
    10. Are some dorms much better than others? Are dorm rooms wired? Is housing guaranteed? Do many students live off campus? Why?
    11. Can you tell me anything first-hand about the _____________ department?
    12. What’s the biggest issue in local campus politics?
    13. What percentage of students study abroad at some time?
    14. What impact do fraternities/sororities have here? Athletics?
    15. What are weekends like? Are there alternatives to the typical party scene?
    16. How active is student government? What activities are popular? Are the arts supported here?     
    17. What is the greatest shortcoming of this college? What are students’ biggest complaints?
    18. What do you like best about your experience and education here?
    19. Where do students come from? Is this a diverse community?
    20. Why did you choose this school? Where else did you apply?
    21. What kinds of kids are happiest here? Least happy? What is the typical student like?
    22. If you could attend another college now, where would you go? Why?
    23. What are some unique traditions at the school?