• Senior Year Planning Timeline


    • Continue to take a full course load of challenging, college-prep courses and keep working hard in order to earn the best grades possible.
    • Continue your extracurricular involvement!
    • Meet with your College Counselor to discuss whether you need to take the SAT, SAT Subject Tests or ACT in the fall. Sign up as necessary.
    • Talk to your counselor, teachers, and parents and finalize your college list.
    • Visit websites to identify all application requirements for each of your schools.
    • Create a spreadsheet or calendar to help keep track of deadlines.
    • Make sure you have an appropriate email address for communications with colleges. Consider creating an email just for college materials- and make sure you check it regularly!
    • Check the upcoming college visit lists which are posted in the guidance hallway and GAC, and read the scrolling announcements, Naviance website, and guidance website for dates and times of visit to our school.  Attendance at these meetings is important!! Ask Questions!
    • Save copies of EVERYTHING.
    • Teacher Recommendations.  Many private colleges require letters of recommendation from teachers and your counselor. Ask two core academic course teachers who know you well if they will write you a positive academic recommendation. Provide them with the appropriate form (available in the guidance hallway) and instructions about submitting their completed letters. Make sure you allow your teacher(s) at least two weeks and provide them with your specific deadlines as well!
    • Counselor Recommendations. If you need a counselor recommendation or a secondary school report, make sure you check in with your college counselor. You will need to turn in the Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire (available in the guidance hallway) and meet with your counselor multiple times. Please notify your college counselor at least 2 weeks before your application is due in order to allow her sufficient time to write the glowing recommendation that you deserve!
    • Encourage your parents to attend the Senior Coffee in September.
    • Register for your FSA ID.  Your FAFSA information cannot be submitted until after October 1st, but you and your parent will need FSA ID to complete the online form.   


    • Application deadlines begin popping up this month. Check and double-check each school’s website to stay ahead of your timeline.
    • Make sure you have secured teacher and counselor recommendations. Follow up with your references as necessary (but do not harass them!).
    • Make sure your counselor receives any school report forms required by your colleges/ universities.
    • After conferring with your counselor, request that the testing agency (ACT or College Board) send your official test scores to the colleges to which you are applying.
    • Take the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests if necessary.
    • Finalize your essays and applications. Have another person proof everything. Continue to make copies!
    • Attend the College Fair at Meramec in September and the National College Fair at Saint Louis University in October
    • If you decide to apply for a priority deadline, submit college applications for Early Decision admission and Early Action BEFORE the November 1 or the November 15 deadline. Pay attention to early financial aid deadlines associated with these priority applications.
    • Submit the FAFSA (FREE Application for Federal Student Aid) and any additional financial aid forms requested by the colleges.  DO THIS ASAP!!! Follow up with your schools to make sure they have all of the information and forms needed.
    • Attend KHS Financial Aid Night in October at KHS


    • Continue to submit applications as needed. Make sure to observe ALL application and scholarship deadlines and do not wait until the last minute. This can communicate lack of interest in your schools.
    • Keep up your grades– colleges do pay attention to your 7th semester grades.
    • Take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, if necessary.
    • Register for the December ACT if advised by your counselor.
    • Submit materials for December 1 deadlines before Thanksgiving Break.


    • Be sure to submit applications with January 1 deadlines at the beginning of December in order to allow time for processing in the midst of winter break.
    • Apply for community-based scholarships.


    • Visit the Guidance Activity Center and KHS Guidance website regularly to stay informed of community-based scholarship opportunities.
    • Complete and submit all remaining applications.
    • Follow up and check to make sure that colleges received all of your application information, including recommendations and test scores.
    • Re-visit colleges if you are still trying to make your college decision. Many schools sponsor admitted student events during this time of the year and into April.
    • Maintain contact with your admissions representative at each college/ university. Demonstrate that you are truly interested in their school.
    • Remember to check your email! This is how many schools will communicate with you.
    • Parents and/or students attending College Information Night in March.


    • Notification of decisions by colleges under regular decision guidelines usually occurs around this time.
    • Notification of financial aid packages from colleges and universities to which you have been accepted are typically mailed out during this period of time.
    • Compare financial aid packages.
    • Continue applying for community-based scholarships.
    • It may help to make up a chart of the positives and negatives of each school. Discuss with your family, or your college counselor, or both!
    • Make your final choice and NOTIFY your school by May 1st.  Send a deposit to your chosen school.   Failure to do this may result in a revocation of your spot and/or financial aid package. Notify all of your schools of your final decision. This may open up a spot in the freshman class for someone who is on the waitlist!
    • Inform the Guidance Office of your final decision by turning in your senior survey. This mandatory form will tell us where to send your official final transcript.
    • MAINTAIN STRONG SECOND SEMESTER GRADES– Colleges have the right to withdraw an acceptance offer based on your final semester grades and YES, they do exercise this option!!