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Legacy Fund for the Walker Natatorium

  • Help us complete the Legacy Fund for the Walker Natatorium.

    The Walker Natatorium is the first competitive pool on the campus of Kirkwood High School. For the first time in school history, our students have the opportunity to learn to swim as part of the physical education curriculum, and Pioneer swim and dive and water polo teams have a home for practices and competitions. The pool was funded by a grant from the Earl E. and Myrtle E. Walker Foundation.

    Please help us protect this facility for generations of Pioneers by donating to the Legacy Fund. Our goal is to raise $3 million to establish the Legacy Fund and use the interest earned from the fund for general operational costs. In future years, the funds from the endowment may be used for equipment repairs and replacement.

    To date, the Legacy Fund has received more than $2 million in donations and pledges toward our $3 million goal. We are grateful to our donors who have helped us reach this important fundraising milestone.

    All levels of support are welcome. Every dollar given to the Legacy Fund will be used to assist with maintaining the Walker Natatorium. Please consider supporting the Legacy Fund today. All donations over $100 will be recognized within the Natatorium.

    Please Donate Today!

    Thank you to our Donors!

    PIONEER LEVEL - $50,000 and up 

    Nance (Walker, '68) and Alan Frost

    Honoring Keri (Frost, '93) and Kevin Westland; Colin ('96) and Emily (Brady, '98) Frost; and Andrew ('00) and Celia Frost

    GOLD LEVEL - $25,000 to $49,999

    The Ralph and Marie Kelly Family, Christopher ('09), Audrey ('17), Erin ('17)

    The Family of Bruce and Carolyn Woodruff

    SILVER LEVEL - $10,000 to $24,999 

    Matt and Shannon Wever
    Claire Wever ('16) and Jack Wever ('18)

    Stanley A Freerks (‘70) and Terry V Freerks
    In Memory of Coach Wilson Stocker

    Myrtle (Agnew) Walker ('38)

    The Kyle and Michelle Whitson Family
    Tanner (‘21), Tyler (‘23) and Jacob (‘26)

    BRONZE LEVEL - $3,000 to $9,999 

    Klippel Family: Christopher, Katey, Jon and Elizabeth
    The Orelup Family: Shanon, Tom, Don ('13) and James ('17)
    In Honor of Will Walker ('26) & in Memory of Nancy B. McAllister ('37)
    John (’87), Karen, Katie (’14) and Mitchell (’16) Drexler
    Ginger and Dan Cayce
    The Zalewski Family
    The Glunt Family
    The Rost Family: Rachel ('13) Haley ('15) Payden ('18) Poppy ('19)
    Tom and Chris Williams
    Riggs Construction Company: Serving Kirkwood Since 1959
    The Ewen Family: Jacob & Mackenzie, Class of 2019
    The Lin Family - Michael and Lisa, Claire ('18) and Nathan ('21)
    The Romay Family - Nick ('19) & Danielle ('23)
    Davlan Engineering, Inc.
    The Faerbers - Amy ('96), Josh ('99), Ruth, & in memory of Bob ('64)
    Tom & Sally Riggs: Amie, Bill, Maddie, Emily, Jake, Evan, Kelly & Nat
    Beth Miller and Jacqueline Miller ('16)
    Tom and Sandy Cox, Katie ('10), Corinne '(11), Maggie ('15)
    Kierstead Family: Cliff ('73), Terri, Michael ('11), Kyle ('12), Zachary ('15)
    Charlotte ('71) and Michael ('05) Moro
    Byers Family; Derek, Meredith, Wyatt ('23), Shiloh ('26) and Ryder ('28)
    In memory of Becky (Sullivan) Stanza ('74)

    BOOSTER LEVEL - $100 to $2,999

    Ron and Hanna Evens
    The Domian Family
    The Runge Family
    Matt, Abby, Adam and Janneke Imiolek
    The Torre Stewart Family
    Donna and Jeff Anderson
    Bridget and Ali Randazzo
    Cecilia, Emma and Olivia Thurman
    Maxine and Frank Gilner
    Stephanie ('83) Bailey ('06) Eric ('08) & Matthew (2031)
    Pete and Melanie Avery
    Amanda (Evens) Yahng
    Maureen and Bill O'Brien
    Drew and Betsy Ehrhardt
    A donation in honor of Cecilia Thurman
    The Gagliarducci Family
    Tracy and Elizabeth Strevey
    John and Carol Bickel
    John, Elizabeth, Ashton and Aiden Cowie
    Gary Golden
    The Kates Family
    Daniel and Dori Battista & Family
    The Benben Family
    The Ben Clark Family
    Craig and Lee Conway
    Dr. Mike and Dr. Laura Havener
    Amy (Moeller, '91) and Brad Kocher
    Amelia ('93) and Mark Lewis
    Marcia McLean
    The Klipsch Family
    Jim and Barb Bilhorn
    Dan, Annabelle, Emily & Katie Rudolph
    Mary E. Walker ('63)
    The Soell Kids
    The Gillham Family
    Kirk and Ivy Hutchison, Maxwell ('21) and Henry ('24)
    The Grimes Family
    Therese and Torrey Munger
    The Edward and Travella Dabler Family
    Scott Martin and Karen Blanchard
    Lanny Lamont
    Bopp Chapel
    The Dick Mueller Family
    Midwest Pool Management
    Jeff and Susan Back
    The Shengelia Family
    Linda and Ralph Sherman, Brett ('11)
    Linda S. Agnew ('68)
    Steve and Jen Baynham
    The Heartlein Family
    Don ('62) and Wanda ('64) Herweck
    Tom Pott ('52)
    Tim and Cindy Schulze
    Jeanette Tendai
    The Welsh Family
    The Edmunds Family
    Brian and Joan Humes
    Craig ('92), Leslie, Kendall and Clayton Herweck
    The Stream Family: Katie ('95), Betsy ('97), Larry ('02), Eric ('07)
    Pete and Julie Cohen, Ben ('17), Hannah ('18) and Lydia ('21)
    James E. (Mouse) Brady
    The Fitzpatrick Family
    Colin and Emily Frost
    Robyn James
    Franklin and Tresa McCallie
    Frank and Sherrie Mistretta
    Steven Schlitt
    Valerie Shandes
    Gary Thayer
    Mary Prial Hart
    The Tucker Family:  Jim ('09), Sarah ('12), and Drew ('18)
    The Key Family, Ron, Peggy, Kelly and Katie