• Our Treasurer Forms

      These forms will help assist in either reimbursement, money box request, or to pay a vendor.   Please allow any reimbursements to take 7-10 days. 

      You have two options to submit: electronic or print and submit to in our treasurer drawer in the red filing box located near the office. 

     Money Request Form - pdf printable

    PTO Money Procedures - pdf printable


    You can submit receipts in our electronic version with pictures of your receipts.  Please make sure the total, date and itemized details are visable.  If unable to read, you may be asked to resubmit.   

    Electronic Version - Money Request Form

    Electronic Version - Reimbursement Request


    Our Communication Form

    Communication Request Form 

    This form is to requests flyers, blurbs, and any other communication for committees and activities to go out via weekly emails, or our social media sites.  You can also submit to have a flyer made for your committee.