Kirkwood's annual STEAMFest will happen this year, but protocol and timing are again VERY DIFFERENT.  This is due to Kirkwood adhering to The Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair's changes for 2021-22.

    A month-by-month view is provided below in yellow, but here is the schedule overview.  The dates in bold face are deadlines.  Please be aware that no extensions will be granted.

                          11-10-21:   Kirkwood Website Updated

    11-10-21 thru 12-08-21:    Students May Submit Research Plan for Pre-Approval

    11-10-21 thru 12-17-21:    Kirkwood Approval Emailed to Students

    12-20-21 thru 02-16-22:    Students May Submit Project and Logbook for Judging

    02-16-22 thru 02-28-22:    Kirkwood Conducts Judging

    03-01-22 thru 03-03-22:    Kirkwood Emails Results and Copies of Rubrics to Students

                          03-03-22:    Kirkwood releases results to schools, website and Social Media 

    03-03-22 thru 04-20-22:    Student May Edit Original* STEAMFest Project for ASSLSF

    03-03-22 thru 03-17-22:    Students Register Online Before Noon with ASSLSF

     03-03-22 thru 04-21-22:   Students May Upload Project and Logbook on ASSLSF website

    *ONLY original projects judged and qualified by Kirkwood may be submitted to the ASSLSF.  Students may not totally re-do their project or create a different project.

Last Modified on November 18, 2021