• The Kirkwood High School athletic program is an extension of the overall educational program. Its purpose is to provide educational experiences that will help high school youth to acquire knowledge, skill and emotional control that will contribute to the highest type of citizenship. We attempt to instill in our students a strong desire to strive for excellence. We encourage our students to be courteous in winning and gracious in defeat.

    The athletic experience fosters those attributes of good citizenship such as a sense of fair play, respect for others, proper attitudes, high ideals and self-discipline.

    Kirkwood High School maintains membership in the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), the St. Louis District High School Athletic Association and the St. Louis Suburban Public High School Athletic Conference. Athletic competition is governed by the rules and regulations of these organizations with the exception of local rules which may be adopted where necessary.

    Athletic Vision Statement
    The Kirkwood High School athletic program will be a collaborative effort of parents, students and staff to prevent failure and ensure athletic success for each student participant.

    Athletic Mission Statement
    The goal of the Kirkwood High School athletic program is to produce distinctive teams, with coaches and athletes who reflect principles of integrity, hard work and excellence. Our philosophy of placing athletes first and winning second is designed to help young men and women learn that striving for victory should only be done in an atmosphere of fair play and good sportsmanship.

    Absolutes in Athletics

    • Everyone will make mistakes.
    • Only some can play at a time.
    • Coach determines who plays.
    • Always a winner and a loser.
    • Coach will play to win.