• If a student intends to play sports for the Kirkwood Pioneers, he or she must have a completed physical packet on file in the athletic office prior to participation. (Please note: A new physical packet must be completed for each school year a student plans to participate in a sport.)

    1. Physical: The physical must be administered and signed by a doctor. A valid physical is dated after Feb. 1, 2018. Please note that no student will be allowed to participate in any manner (tryouts, practice or games), without a completed physical packet on file in the athletic office.
    2. Other Forms: There are three additional forms that make up the physical packet. All of these forms must be filled out in full and include parent or guardian signatures, student signatures, basic accident (medical) insurance information and emergency contact information.
    3. Insurance: Every student must have basic accident (medical) insurance coverage to participate in athletics. This information is to be provided on the permission form and must include company name and policy number.
      • All forms in the physical packet MUST be returned TOGETHER to the KHS ATHLETIC OFFICE.
    4. Practice Card (postcard size card): Once the student has a physical and permission card on file in the athletic office, the student is issued a practice card. The athlete will take this card to practice and give it to the coach. No athlete will be able to participate without the coach having this card. Athletes need a new card for each season of competition.