• Team Selection Process
    Every effort will be made to avoid a "cut" system to determine team composition, espe- cially at the lower levels. However, size limitations sometimes necessitate competitive tryouts and the need to cut.

    All tryout dates and times will be announced. Individual team coaches will conduct the tryouts and outline their expectations and tryout procedures. Team membership does not guarantee playing time or position. Should a student be cut during a tryout, attempts will be made to place these students on other sports teams.

    Team Attendance Practices/Games
    Students are expected to attend every practice and game. Practices are typically Mon- day through Friday, although practices and games are frequently conducted on week- ends depending on the schedule. Coachers will go over practice schedules at the be- ginning of the season. Students need to notify coaches in advance if it is absolutely impossible to attend a practice or game.

    Excused absences for sickness, emergencies, academic conflicts may occur, however, excessive absences may result in loss of playing time or dismissal from the team. Un- excused absences may result in loss of playing time and dismissal from the team.