• Equipment and Uniforms

    1. All equipment and uniforms issued by a coach at KHS are considered property of Kirkwood High School.
    2. Athletes are responsible for the care of equipment and uniforms during the season of competition.
    3. Once the season is completed, all uniforms and equipment issued must be returned immediately.
    4. Students who do not return uniforms/equipment will be placed on hold for the cost of replacement and will not be allowed to compete in a subsequent sport season until the hold has been paid or the equipment has been returned.
    5. Students assume the responsibility for any damage to equipment or uniforms that occurs outside the normal use for a KHS athletic practice or competition.
    6. Uniforms and practice gear are only to be worn at KHS practices and for game day competitions.
    7. Uniforms and practice gear are not to be worn for physical education classes.

    Locker Room Procedures

    1. Only students that have been assigned lockers by a coach may use lockers for athletics.
    2. Lockers assigned for athletics may be used during the current season only. Use of the locker beyond the season is not permitted.
    3. Sharing of lockers is strictly prohibited.
    4. At the end of each athletic season, belongings left in lockers will go to the lost and found.
    5. Students found violating locker procedures and expectations, will lose locker room privileges.
    6. If you have a problem with a locker, notify your coach or a member of the athletic staff immediately.

    Please Note: The KHS administration highly recommends bringing as few valuables (such as money, cell phones, ipods, jewelry) to school when possible.