• Non-School Competition

    • Students are generally NOT permitted to participate in the school sport on non- school or select teams during the school sport season. (See MSHSAA by-law 3.13.)
    • Students ARE permitted to play different sports during the school sport season provided:
      1. No school time is missed and
      2. the student shall not practice for or compete in a non-school activity on the same date he or she practices or competes for his/her school team, without seeking prior approval from the Athletic Director.

    Note: Exceptions--See MSHSAA by-law 3.13.

    Residence & Transfer Requirements

    Students considering a school transfer should consult with the Athletic Director prior to a transfer. Students could become ineligible for 365 days or receive restricted eligibility for 365 days if the MSHSAA guidelines are not followed carefully. (See MSHSAA by- law 3.10, VTS students refer to MSHSAA Board Policy in MSHSAA handbook.)

    Athletic Injuries

    An injured athlete should notify the coach or trainer immediately. Please report all information regarding injury treatment from your personal physician to the coach and athletic trainer. This will ensure no athlete returns to competition prematurely.

    Please Note: An athlete must have written notification from a physician to return to competition and this notification must be filed with the athletic trainer.