• Welcome to the Frog Room! We are so excited to get to know you and your child! It is our hope that each child will:

     Develop self confidence, a well rounded self concept and relationships with others

     Make choices independently

     Be willing to engage in new activities and varied learning experiences

     Actively participate in group activities

     Develop problem solving skills

     Consider the feelings and needs of others, and express personal feelings with words and appropriate actions

     Develop creatively through art, music, movement and dramatic play

     Use fine and gross motor skills with purpose

     Expand expressive language skills and enjoy class discussions, share ideas, and participate in literacy experiences

     Learn, grow and develop through both teacher directed and child directed play experiences

     Develop an understanding of how to show respect for self and others

     Follow the Kangaroo Code by taking care of self, others and our school

Frog Room