• Mission Statement

    Our mission is to help athletes become young people of empathy and integrity, who understand how to be positive agents of change in the world. We will uphold the legacy of Pioneer Track and Field, which creates, improves, and develops better human beings through participation in our sport.

  • Portrait of a Pioneer


    You are part of the Pioneer Community! You have valuable contributions to offer this community. Know that this is an ongoing process and the key is --Hard Work Pays Off (but think outside the box when you define payoff). You have so much more to offer, no matter how successful you have been thus far. Freshman will begin to learn the concepts of the Track & Field Mission Statement.


    Model the ability to understand the words of the week and apply the concepts. Start to understand basic ideas in the Track and Field Mission Statement. Develop a base knowledge and be able to show: - Confidence -Personal responsibility -Honesty Develop personal passions -develop a growth mindset in the learning process. Sophomores will begin to practice characteristics of the Track & Field Mission Statement.


    Know what it means to lead by example (accountability on & off the field) and have a good personal reflection of their own goals. Having the solid mindset that hard work is the key to future success. Juniors will begin to develop a strong belief in the Track & Field Mission Statement.


    Will be role models. Will be on-going contributors to the Pioneer T&F legacy; demonstrating patience, composure and the skill of setting attainable goals. We model confidence, trust in our team and ourselves. Seniors will begin living the Track & Field Mission Statement.