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    2020-2021 Season


    • The Birds: A Modern Adaptation, Thursday Oct. 29 at 6:30pm, Friday Oct. 30 at 6:30pm in the Lions Amphitheater at Kirkwood Park
    • Freshman/Sophomore Show TBA. More information coming soon!
    • BlackBox Show TBA. More information coming soon!
    • Spring Musical TBA. More information coming soon!

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    Help us continue to produce quality entertainment for our community,
    offer our students the opportunity to pursue their dreams in theater,
    whether on-stage, in the booth, or backstage.
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    2020-21 Program Sponsorships

    Your Name in all the Programs for the 2019-20 Season plus Free Tickets!

    Benefactor:     $150+  name in programs, 8 comps
    Sponsor:     $100+ name in programs, 6 comps
    Producer:     $75+  name in programs, 4 comps
    Backer:     $50+  name in programs, 2 comps
    Supporter:     $25+  name in programs, 1 comp

    Donate Early and Donate Often

    To donate, please visit MySchoolBucks.

    2020-21 Program Advertisements
    Pricing, Payment and Artwork Information

    To advertise in 2020-21 play programs, go to the KH Players program ad site, which can be found here.