What is PAT Lite?

  • Kirkwood PAT "Lite"

    What is PAT Lite?

    PAT Lite families are eligible for:

    • Screenings - annually, children 6 months to school age entry receive a developmental/hearing/vison screening.  Please see the screening tab on our website for more information.
    • Group Connections - emails and our website link families to connections through Kirkwood PAT.  Expert speaker on a variety of topics (potty learning, sleep, behavior, eating, etc.) as well as fun family interaction events are hosted throughout the year.
    • Resource Connections - ongoing family support through the PAT website, PAT office and parent educators.

    Who is eligible for PAT Lite?

    All families in the Kirkwood School District area that have children younger than kindergarten age entry may participate in PAT Lite.  Families that have previously partnered with a PAT parent eduator are also eligible and encouraged to participate in PAT Lite.