• KHS Class of 1970


    Now Is The Time For All Good KHS Class of '70 Pioneers To Come To The Aid Of Themselves And Their Loved Ones.
    We regretfully share with you that due to safety concerns with the spread of COVID, all Class of '70 - 50th Reunion events in September are being cancelled by your KHS Class of '70 - 50th Reunion Committee.
    The safety of our classmates, our families and ourselves is everyone's #1 priority, especially during these uncertain times.  Your KHS Class of '70 - 50th Reunion Committee, with other classmates' input, doesn't want to increase your exposure to an unsafe environment, whether vaccinated or masked, inside or out.  Changing the venues is not a feasible option.
    All those registered will be receiving a full refund in the method payment was made. For instance, if you paid by check you will receive a check.  If you paid by credit card a reversal will appear on your credit card statement. You will receive a letter confirming your refund was processed which should be within the next few weeks.
    Registration cards and checks received and not processed will be returned to the classmate.
    We appreciate you for signing up to attend. If you have any questions, please email us at khsclassof70@gmail.com
    As to a date for a future reunion, that will be determined by safety concerns and interest. Buzz Books will be offered for purchase at a later date.
    Your Reunion Committee has worked hard the last several years to make this KHS Class of '70 - 50th Reunion happen.  Each of us is as disappointed as yourself in not seeing it take place.  However, your safety comes first.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Kirkwood sometime soon!
    The Beat Will Go On when we gather at our next Reunion.
    Your KHS Class of '70 Reunion Committee