Along with the various academic course options at Kirkwood High School, students will also engage in post secondary planning through various college and career assesements and research.  Below is a description of the post secondary planning process for students at Kirkwood High School. 

    Freshman Year:  Using Naviance, students will take the Career Cluster Finder Assessment.  The Career Cluster Finder will help students learn what career clusters may be a good match for them based on activities they enjoy, personal qualities that best describe them, and subjects they enjoying in school.

    Sophomore Year: Using Naviance, students will take the Career Intereste Profiler Assessment.  Through a series of 180 questions, this assessment tool can help students discover the types of work activities and careers that match their interests.   

    Junior Year: Students will use the various college research options in Naviance.  These include: the SuperMatch, Scattergrams, College Compare, and multiple other college research options.

    Senior Year:  Students will continue to work with their counselors to complete post secondary applications.  They will continue to use the Naviance college research options and may revisit the career assessments from their freshman or sophomore year.