• Safety Tips For Jumps: 
    High Jump:
    1. Stay clear of the matt while other athletes are jumping (6 feet in all directions)
    2. Do not pull on bungee while attached to standards
    3. Transfer standards using both hands, one per person
    4. One person at a time on the matt at all times
    5. Personal items on cut out area only

    Triple / Long Jump:
    1. Do not cross runways at anytime
    2. Be aware of north end track curves while sand pits are open
    3. Watch for tools out and around the sand pit area (all tools are to be placed on top of covers when not in use)
    4. Middle section between runways is to remain clear at all times of all things
    5. No sprinting in center area of runways

    Throwing Events:
    No throwig without supervised by a coach
    Thrower must visually confirmed sector is clear in discus, observers stay well outside the net toward the rear

    Throwers waiting:
    must stand in designated waiting area

    Meets/measuring at practice:
    measuring assistant must wait outside sector and allow implement to land before marking/measuring

    Hurdle Events:

    Hurdling takes a very high level of alertness and concentration so you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Thus meaning making sure that other teammates or coaches are out of the way while doing drills or block starts. Here are some safety rules to remember when you are at hurdle practice.

    1. Always have 1 open lane separating you from another athlete unless specified by the coach.

    2.  Communicate that you are about to start your drills to others around you. Do not start until other hurdlers have cleared their hurdle.

    3. Do not do hurdles opposite of how they are facing.

    4. Appropriate attire (Do not wear baggy attire)

    5. Always use one leg at a time over hurdle.

    6. If you or someone you know gets injured notify the coach immediately, and the coach will send someone for the athletic trainer or call 911.

    7.If fearful of a certain drill talk openly with the coach about it so we can work though it, and not create bad habits that will cause injury to you (like stopping abruptly before going over the hurdle).  



  • Safety Tips for Pole vault
    These are not optional!  You must follow them to Pole Vault.

    1.  NEVER pole vault without YOUR coach present.  
    2.  NEVER use a pole that is not damaged or that is rated lower than YOUR actual weigh.
    3.  NEVER hold the pole higher than you have practiced.
    4.  Landing Pit must be securely fastened together and standards must be securely fastened to the ground.  
    5.  NEVER pole vault without YOUR coach present.

    Running on the streets for Distance training

    Running on the streets of our community is an important part of our training program.  This activity can be hazardous and must not be taken lightly.  All members of the KHS T&F team are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, common sense manner when training on the streets.  The following guidelines are part of the expectations for all team members:

    1. All athletes running on the streets are expected to conduct themselves as law-abiding responsible pedestrians at all times.Any infractions on the road rules will restrict the athlete to running on campus.

    2. All stretching must be done out of the streets.

    3. Runners are to yield to all vehicular traffic, never do anything that could cause a vehicle to have to make a sudden movement.

    4. Obey all traffic signs and signals.

    5. Run on the left side of the road facing the traffic.

    6. Run in a single file. Please do not run side by side unless you
    are on a shoulder.

    7. No snowball throwing while running on the road or any other
    item at teammates, signs, other pedestrians or cars.

    8. No obscene gestures or words addressed to team members,citizens, or people in cars.
    9. Run on the sidewalk at all times, when available. 10. Do not tamper with, remove or destroy any property, private or public.

    11. Do not enter any private property without permission of the coach or the property owner.

    12. Do not cut through yards or bother pets.