• Strength & Power Training


    Strength and power are qualities that optimize athletic performance and prevent injuries and weight training is ideal to improve muscle strength.

     Although not all athletes require or can handle intensive weight lifting, all track and field athletes should engage in some type of strength training.

    Varying the weights, speed of movement and repetitions will target specific muscle development.

     For high school athletes, strength training should first concentrate on the development of basic fitness and injury prevention. These developmental practices include:

    Muscle endurance – light weights high reps

    Explosive dynamic strength – medium weights but fast movements 

    Static strength – high weights and low reps 

     Only when these goals have been accomplished should strength and power training be implemented to focus on improving competitive performance. Weight training must be undertaken with care. 

     Our athletes will participate in weight training 2-3x a week depending on the focus for that week and the training cycle that we are in at the time. We have developed specific planned workouts as it relates to the event that the athlete will be participating.