•    Kirkwood Track and Field Uniform Policy:
    Each athlete will be issued four to five uniform pieces.  Uniform top and shorts are issued by requested size.  All wind suit pieces have matching numbers on the inside collar and waistband (they are distributed as a set).  Each athlete on the track and field roster that makes a request on an official Kirkwood High School Athletic Uniform form will receive gear.  Gear will be received with a "pink" student copy of the official Kirkwood High School Athletic Uniform form.  Athletes must return the items they were issued at the conclusion of their season (which typically occurs from the end of April through the end of May).,  Athletes who do not return all gear issued will be placed on official hold in the KHS main office until all items are returned.
    No portion of the uniform is to be worn outside of an official Kirkwood Track and Field event.  All Kirkwood track and field athletes are expected to wear their Kirkwood issued uniform to all competitions.  You will not be allowed on the field of competition if you are not wearing your official gear.  We are Pioneers!  We are Proud of the Red and White!  No other colored items may be worn during an official track and field competition.  All items should be machine washed in cold water only,  line or machine dry after each use.  Please remove all hip numbers prior to washing to prevent permanent damage to the uniform (best to remove hip and jersey numbers immediately after each event).  
    To prevent damage or loss to any issued items please follow the guidelines below:
    Know your wind suit set number!
    Do not write your name (or anything else) on any gear (it is the property of Kirkwood High School)
    Do not put duct tape or other materials which could leave a damaging residue
    Unzip lower leg of wind pants when putting wind suit pants on or pulling off
    Remove shoes (especially spikes) when putting wind suit pants on or pulling off
    Create a team buddy system for events.  Have your buddy keep your wind suit during your event and return it to you immediately after. 
    Alert your coach immediately in the event any of your issued items are lost, damaged, or not functional.
    Below you will find the Athletic HOLD form, which is given to each athlete as they are issued a uniform pieces. It contains the name of the athlete, the date it was issued and the exact quantity of items that was issued. It also has the price of what each item cost, in the event it is lost or damaged.