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    What are on the MAP tests and what do they look like?

    The MAP tests have been purposefully designed to reflect the Missouri Learning Standards, a set of expectations for Missouri’s students in English Language Arts, Math and Science. Kirkwood’s curriculum, our expectations of kids and teachers, and the rubrics used to understand our report cards are all aligned with the MLS. These standardized tests, while only one measure of student achievement, thus reflect the teaching and learning we do throughout the year and can be used to inform our teaching at the school level and curriculum design at the district level. 

    The MAP tests are loaded with multiple choice items – but they also include a variety of short answer questions, reading passages and answering multiple questions, referring to a model and answering multiple questions and for our 4th graders, a pretty intense writing “performance event.” Each math section also includes a complex math performance event that requires them to apply multiple skills and understandings while answering a several step question.

    There will be similar spans of multiple choice questions on the ELA portion, most posed after reading a grade level text or comparing and contrasting two different reading excerpts. Our kids will need to answer a variety of questions to check their comprehension. 

    What can kids expect?

    The state helps us out by telling us the breakdown of what will be on each test and also providing released items from past tests for us to use with the kids for some practice.

    If you’d like to know more about the map testing, click on this link for Parents.