While Kirkwood High School doesn’t officially endorse any of these tutors or companies, we are happy to provide a list of options if you are seeking ACT or SAT test preparation options. Standardized Test Prep comes in many shapes and forms and there are also discrepancies in cost, time, and expectations for each class. 

    The information below is aimed to provide students and families with all of the test prep options that we know about. However, these are not the only options that exist. We suggest that students aim to take a national ACT exam at the end of a test prep class or session. Please take this into consideration before signing up for a class. Test preparation usually happens within a students’ junior year of high school. 

    If you have any questions about test preparation, please contact your college counselor. 

    • DARR Tutoring - Offers individual tutoring for Standardized Testing and academic courses. Pricing varies. Learn more about DARR Tutoring on their website. 
    • June ACT Prep Class - DARR Tutoring is offering an in person ACT Prep Class for the June ACT.  
    • Launch - Kirkwood High School offers an online ACT Prep class.  See your grade level counselor to enroll and for pricing information.
    • Princeton Review - Offers individual tutoring for Standardized Testing and academic courses.  Pricing varies. Learn more about the Princeton Review on their website.
    • Compass Academics - Offers one-on-one, private ACT/SAT prep customized to the needs of individual students. Pricing and details are available at www.compassacademics.com.
    • Bob Johnson Tutoring - Learn more about Bob Johnson Tutoring through their website.
    • College Preparation Station - CPSPREP offers various ACT Prep options and pricing varies. Several ACT Prep Classes are being offered.  Learn more about CPSPREP on their website.
    • ZAPS ACT Seminar - Five hours of focused strategy instruction by a trained instructor.  Sessions will be held on March 4th and 5th from 3 - 5:30.  The cost is $110 and students sign up through ZAPS.