• Kirkwood’s complete curriculum cycle is scheduled to come “full circle” over a six-year period.  Revision is considered to be an ongoing process, with any significant changes coming before a curriculum review team and, as appropriate, the Board of Education.

    Over a six-year period, the following is accomplished:

    • Implementation Year 1, to include training and support related to content, curricula, and resources. This year also includes time to refine day-to-day lessons and align curriculum, assessments, rubrics, and reporting criteria.
    • Program Evaluation, to include monitoring implementation, student outcomes, and any need for possible adjustments to our work
    • Research, including feedback from stakeholders, furthering unpacking of relevant standards, and analysis of best practices
    • Curriculum Development, including revision of curriculum documents, alignment with any new standards, necessary material selection and acquisition, and planning for professional learning

    The following curricula are in the Development stage of work during the 2021-2022 school year:

    • K-5 Music
    • K-5 ELA - Phonics
    • K-8 Art
    • K-12 Health
    • 6-8 Math
    • 9-12 Business - Personal Finance
    • 9-12 Business - SmashCode 2
    • 9-12 FACS - Child Development I & II
    • 9-12 FACS - Intro to Family & Consumer Science
    • 9-12 FACS - Fashion Construction & Design I & II
    • 9-12 Physical Education
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