Room Coordinator Information

  • Here is an example of what you can send to your Party Coordinators about a month before each party…

    Hi (Parent’s Name),

    I just wanted to reach out to see how the Halloween planning was going and to see if you are needing any additional help.  Please remember the following things while planning this party to help things go as smoothly as possible.  

    • There is a parade before the party. This is a perfect set up time but those parents may have to miss the parade.  You may be able to coordinate with the teacher to do it ahead of time.  Do not wait to set up after the parade because there is not enough time.  
    • Send out a signup genius for supplies to all parents in the class (not just those who signed up to help/send supplies).  Many want to help but can’t due to work and this will cut down on expenses.  We do not reimburse for classroom parties.
      • Utilize the Snack Safely guide that is included in this letter.  Nurse Pam updates this regularly.
    • Take a group class picture at the beginning of the party.  First thing!  They use these for the yearbook.
    • Make sure to reach out to the people who signed up to help and bring items.
    • Here is a list of sample games/activities/snacks provided from the room parent chairs
    • Please run the plan by the teacher.  Most teacher’s don’t need the details so it’s really just a courtesy.
    • As Party Coordinator, you are responsible for running/leading the party unless you have made other arrangements with another parent.  


    Or if you don’t have a party chair and need to secure one, email something like this.

    Hello Classroom Parents,

    We need someone to volunteer to be the party coordinator for the Halloween Party.  

    This job includes:

    • Determine what games/snacks/activities will be occur.
    • Send out signup genius to whole class asking for supplies/help
    • Coordinate with those parents who already signed up to help and bring in supplies
    • Take Class picture at beginning of party
    • Run the Party the day of

    We need someone to volunteer or else the party won’t be able to take place.  Please volunteer if you can.  Or do it with another mom!