North Glendale Sustainability Plan 
    Waste Reduction:
     Trash Audit over two-weeks to establish baseline (October 2019)
     Lunch Audit: Bring vs. Buy to establish baseline utensil and trash use. (October 2019)
     Discuss and modify purchase of lunch utensils and waste with district vendor. (October - November 2019)
     Bring in recycle bins and begin recycle programming. (October - November 2019)
     Issue parent/family communication on reduce, reuse, then recycle. (October, November 2019, January 2020, February 2020, March 2020)
    Green Space:
     Host a fall plant sale for outdoor pollinator garden. (October 2021)
     Develop and start outdoor pollinator garden. (October 2021)
    • Plant team & Kirkwood School Facilities identified area, identify needs for spring planting.  Sponsorship talks with Sugar Creek.   Parents donation of pollinator plants and some supplies at Fall Plant Sale. 
    Sustainability Committee and Club:
     Establish a group of faculty, parents, and other key stake holders in a formal committee to help promote and develop sustainability initiatives. This committee will be quarterly. (November 2019)
     Develop professional development opportunities for faculty in sustainability through Webster University. (November 2019 and January 2020-March 2020)
     Collaborate with activity clubs and build in sustainability initiatives into their co- curricular plans. 
    • Sustainability team will work with other club moderators on low hanging planning and coordination.
     Collaborate with Keysor Elementary PTO on an Earth Day Challenge (January 2020)
    • Sustainability team will meet with Keysor PTO in January