• Big Sur! New MacOS Update Info and Features


    The new MacOS11.2.1, Big Sur has completed our system and core apps performance checks and we’re excited to make it available for download now. 

    Here is what you need to know for next steps:

    • Updating to the new MacOS is now done via the Kiosk (red K) in your menu bar top R of your screen.  All updates -apps and system- are facilitated here rather than via the App Store/Updates.  Distributing updates via the Kiosk allows us to preserve bandwidth by downloading them first to our MDM FileWave to then make available to all users.
    • Check out the highlights featured on the Technology website providing a range of new features and brand new capabilities that figure in very meaningful ways for teaching and learning in today's world.
    • MacOS11 and iPadOS14 are tandem upgrades with many connected features that depend on the other, so upgrading to both in quick fashion move to the next level in quick fashion.

    If you run into any issues updating, please don’t hesitate to ticket in Incident IQ so your technology specialist can help resolve. 

    If I can provide any additional information or clarification, please don’t hesitate. As always, we look forward to collaborating over the additional opportunities for teaching and learning in our 1:1 with the new MacOS, iPadOS and Managed Apple IDs. 

    Take care and be well...Nick