FAQ's about Coronavirus

  • What should I do if I or someone I know comes in contact with someone with COVID-19?

  • How does COVID-19 spread?

  • What should I do if I do not have a doctor?

  • What is the Coronavirus?

  • What is the likelihood that Kirkwood will cancel school due to the coronavirus?

  • What is the St. Louis County website and phone number hotline for the Coronavirus?

  • If I feel like I want to keep my student at home, what should I do?

  • What is the website for the Center for Disease Control and and Prevention (CDC)

  • How many remaining flex days, traditionally used for inclement weather, do we have left?

Family and Staff Communication

  • Updated information as of March 12, 2020 at 4 p.m.

    Moving into Spring Break, we will continue to monitor the situation.

    Kirkwood School District continues to monitor the situation and meet with surrounding school districts and health officials to remain up to date on the situation in our region and how it might impact our students, staff, and families.  

    As we move into spring break we want to be prepared for any scenario that may occur during this time, yet remain confident and calm to ensure we make the best decisions for our students.

    If traveling during spring break, please check the CDC website and report high-risk travel to your school.

    If your spring break plans are taking you out of town, please reference the CDC Travelers' Health website. Although not required, in order to best serve all students, and those identified by the CDC as potentially high-risk categories including compromised immune systems, we also recommend that families and employees share their personal travel plans outside of the U.S. with their school office staff.

    In an abundance of caution, we are preparing for the remote possibility for school closure.

    We believe it is prudent to send our students and teachers home on Friday with whatever materials and resources may be necessary to support learning, in the event of a short-term or extended closure occurs after spring break.  This includes the one-to-one devices that our students use daily in support of their learning.  

    We, along with the majority of school districts in St. Louis County, submitted a plan to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to accommodate “e-learning days” toward overall state requirements for attendance.   

    We believe it is best to be overly prepared. At this time, we plan to return to school on Tuesday, March 24. 


    K-5 Elementary Students

    While some students in upper elementary grades take devices home on a nightly basis, we recognize that some of our students do not.  On Friday, all students in kindergarten through fifth grades will be taking an iPad home. Given the circumstances, we are waiving the short-term need for families to purchase insurance.

    When/if we are back at school on Tuesday, March 24, please have your student bring their iPad, charging cube, and cord back to school.


    WiFi Access at Home and eLearning

    If you do not have WiFi Access at home, please complete this Google form so KSD can work on a solution for your student.

    There is no way to fully replicate an at-school day with an online learning environment, nor should we try to do so.  We will use Schoology to take attendance, in the event of a closure, but we will not expect students to follow their normal schedule or be online for a full day of learning.  A vast majority of this work will involve students learning at their own pace and tackle their learning and assignments at a time that works best for your family.  

    Cleaning During Spring Break

    In order for our custodial staff to complete deep cleaning, we are asking all staff to stay home during spring break on the designated cleaning day in your building. This deep cleaning is precautionary. We realize there are some instances that staff may need to visit the school. We just want to discourage extended time in the building, to best support our cleaning staff.

    Students with Medicine on Campus

    If there are any medications housed in the school nurse's office that your student would need in the unlikely event of a school closure please call or email your school’s nurse.

    Remaining Connected During Spring Break

    Information about COVID-19, Coronavirus, is rapidly changing. During spring break, the district will continue to prepare our schools for students to return on Tuesday, March 24 or for online learning. We will provide updates to staff and families as necessary.

    Students Need Calm, Consistency and Support

    At present, there is no indication we need to close Kirkwood schools due to illness, but we will continue to monitor the situation in St. Louis County and will work with the county health department on any future possible decisions. 

    Thanks again for all you do to help keep our students and our schools healthy and safe.

Coronavirus Communication Archive

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