• Kindergarten Parent Information

    Below are some things to know about Robinson Kindergarten.

    Our classrooms, common spaces, and instructions align with Robinson’s vision statement:  We are W.I.S.E. Learners:  Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe & Equitable.

    The school day is from 8:40 – 3:35. Students begin coming in the building at 8:25 and may not enter earlier. After 8:40, students are considered tardy and will need to be signed in at the office. They will require a pink slip to come into class.

    If you need to pick your child up early, you MUST go to the office and sign them out. The secretary will call for your child to come to the office, or you will be given a green slip to come get them. For safety reasons, we will not be allowed to dismiss your child to you any other way.

    Your child will either go to the Adventure Club aftercare program, ride a bus, walk or be picked up in the car rider lane. We ask that each parent tell us how your child will be dismissed after school. We will follow that routine each day unless we have changes in writing or a phone message. We love your children but cannot take their word on dismissal changes, we need official word from a parent on the phone or in writing. We will check our messages in our classroom by 1:00. If you need to contact us after 1:00, please call the office instead of the classroom. Please call the office by 3:00 to make changes to your dismissal routine.  For further clarification on the arrival and dismissal process, please visit Robinson’s website and click the link titled “Arrival and Dismissal Routines.”

    We love to celebrate your child’s special day! He or she may bring a treat to share with the class at snack time. Please make sure all birthday snacks are peanut-free and individually wrapped. We know that cookie cakes are favorites, but we respectfully request that these are not sent in as treats because they are difficult to serve and messy. Thank you for your help with this. Please call or e-mail us in advance to let us know the day you choose to celebrate.

    Please be sure to send your child to school in clothes that can be fastened and unfastened independently. His or her clothes may get dirty with markers, paint, or other materials. Tennis shoes are required for PE class. It is in your child’s best interest to wear tennis shoes daily to fit the physical nature of our curriculum and play. Please wear shorts under skirts and dresses. Make sure all clothing and items are well labeled.

    Take Home FOLDER
    Please check your child’s take home folder each night for notes from school. We will be checking the folders daily as well. Please send them back and forth to school EVERYDAY. This will help children develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning.

    Our classrooms align with Robinson’s school wide expectations of: I am safe. I am kind. I am a learner. We will also be using restorative practices to help build a community of learners.

    The main expectation of homework in kindergarten is 20 minutes of daily reading. This can include you reading to your child for enjoyment AND your child reading a book or two to you that is on his or her level. In addition to reading, we may give homework at this age that may include extensions of what we are doing in the classroom. Anytime homework is assigned, there will be a note explaining it along with a time when it is due. Please help your child be responsible with any work that comes home.

    Each class will go once a week to the library. Every student will be allowed to check out 2 books. The books are due back the next week on ourlibrary day or earlier. If your child does not return their books on time, they will not be able to check out new books. If the books cannot be found or if they are damaged, you will be responsible for replacement fees.

    You can enter lunch money into your child’s lunch account through the website myschoolbucks.com (preferable) or send money in an envelope to the office. Please help your child memorize his or her school number. This number will be his or her lunch and library number every year from now through high school.

    If you need to send money to school, please put it in a marked envelope with your child’s name, the purpose of the money, and his or her teacher’s name.

    A newsletter will be emailed home consistently. The letter will keep you updated on our learning and events. Please check your email regularly for other communication and reminders. If you do not have access to a computer or own an email address, please let us know and we will be happy to send home hard copy notes in your student's folder.

    We have a scheduled 20 minute rest time for children right after afternoon specials. Your child will need a towel for resting. As the school year proceeds, rest time may be shorter, or eliminated depending on the needs of the group. We will be sending the towels home on a regular basis to be washed and returned the following day.

    Please bring your take home folder to Open House or the first day of school.  Your child can bring the additional school supplies to school on Tuesday, September 6th once official homeroom assignments have been made. Please label mail folders, towels, lunch boxes, pencil boxes and backpacks. Please also have headphones clearly labeled and make sure they can fit in a gallon

    We will be having snack in the afternoon. Please send a somewhat healthy, nut free snack that is not too messy. We do not have a refrigerator but a snack can be stored in your child’s lunchbox with a cold pack as an option. All snacks need to be peanut free.

    Each day your child will be going to either P.E., Music, or Art. We have a rotating schedule. This rotating schedule is posted on Robinson’s webpage.

    Your child will have other teachers for special classes such as Art, Music, P.E., Library, etc. We also have other adults that will be working with your child daily or periodically.

    • Principal: Dr. Angeline O'Neal-Hogrefe 
    • Assistant Principal: Dr. JaNae Alfred
    • Office: Mrs. Andrea Rybialek and Mr. Patrick Shelton
    • Counselors: Mrs. Tammy Fauss and Ms. Indria Harris
    • Librarian: Mrs. Kristin Davis
    • Art: Mrs. April Maldonado
    • Music: Mrs. Mary Beth Kesler
    • P.E. Mrs. Jen Morgan and Mr. Brad Wilds
    • Reading/Math Interventionists Mrs. Erika Bell, Dr. Channie Cotton, and Mrs. Amy Wessel
    • Literacy Coach: Mrs. Catie Whitt

    Other people that may work with your children include friendly Special Education Staff, along with lovely Additional Teachers (formerly known as teacher assistants) that will spend time with all students in and out of the classrooms.

    Emails and Phone Extensions of Kindergarten Teachers

    • Mrs. Carrie Intagliata - (314) 213-6100x4124 - carrie.intagliata@kirkwoodschools.org
    • Ms. Cindy Star - (314) 213-6100x4424 - cindy.star@kirkwoodschools.org
    • Mrs. Maria Tutskey - (314) 213-6100x4226 -maria.tutskey@kirkwoodschools.org
    • Mrs. Bridget Waldman -(314) 213-6100x 4044 - bridget.waldman@kirkwoodschools.org                                                                     

    TOYS - Students are not allowed to bring toys to school unless it is part of show and tell or homework.

    We love to have parents come help and be a part of our learning! We will be organizing parent volunteers to come into our classrooms to work during reading and math workshop times. We will develop a schedule for volunteers when the classroom community is established and the children are familiar with what’s expected from them so they can be somewhat autonomous amongst their peers. Click here for more information on volunteering.

    No weapons, pretend or real are allowed at school.

    Please check the Robinson Website regularly. You can access our staff phone numbers, the lunch menu, our specials schedule, and all of the important information that you need to know. We have gone paperless, so it’s important to know that you can usually find what you need at: http://robinson.kirkwoodschools.org/pages/GR_Robinson_Elementary

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    August 23rd First Day of School
    September 2nd Kindergarten Class Placements Finalized
    September 5th Labor Day- NO SCHOOL
    September 6th Kindergartners bring School Supplies to their new classrooms