• Welcome Back Pioneer athletes... We are excited to see you back on campus in the coming weeks. As you know the safety and security of our student-athletes as well as our coaches is our primary concern. In order to ensure safety measures are in place, I ask that you please take the time to read this message and the various documents in this section for valuable information, expectations, guidelines, procedures for our return to play contact. We must all do our part in making sure our return to play plan is safe for all in attendance and a big success in order for us to move to phase 3 (estimated July 13) of the return to play protocol.

    There is plenty of new information, so please read carefully.

    I want to highlight one item of importance that is vastly different than seasons past:

    Athletes should bring their own water jug(s) and have their name clearly visible. It is our intention to not fill water jugs/bottles unless absolutely necessary. I strongly recommend a Large Bubba Jug (in link below or multiple water jugs) for athletes to carry enough water with them for the session:

    Bubba Jugs 128 oz. Option is ideal:

    1. Wal-Mart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Bubba-Keg-Polyurethane-Sports-Hydration-Jug-Charcoal-128-Oz/111610965
    2. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bubba-Sport-Vacuum-Insulated-Water-Charcoal/dp/B0159WKDH8


    • Fever (Temperature greater than 100.4)
    • New or worsening cough
    • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
    • Sore throat, different than your seasonal allergies
    • New loss of smell and/or taste
    • Diarrhea or vomiting
    • You have a household or close contact who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks.

    ***If you plan on attending any/all of the contact days in July, I ask that you send an email to the appropriate coach listed at the bottom of this page so they can plan appropriate activities*** Please e-mail your coaches as soon as possible for planning purposes.

    Waiver of Liability

    All athletes must come with a completed waiver of liability form. Students will not be allowed to participate until that form is presented to their coach. Download the document here.

    Phase 2 Re-Opening of Athletics - Updated Information Below

    Coaches/sponsors/athletes will need to follow the guidelines recommended by the St. Louis County Health Dept. and guidelines created by the St. Louis Sports Medicine Covid 19 Task Force and the Kirkwood School District that pertain to Phase 2 of the re-entry plan. Those guidelines should be carefully reviewed by everyone who plans on participating in our July contact days. See the guidelines here.

    Check in Process (see the document here):

    1. Check-In will take place in the hallway of the Denver Miller Gym. Eventually check in will transition to your coaches and they will update you when that will be happening.
    2. All Coaches and Athletes will be screened daily
    3. Athletes and coaches will practice social distancing with mask on until they have completed the screening process.
    4. Once cleared to practice, Screening cards will be handed to the athletes on a daily basis.
    5. Parents are not allowed exit their vehicle
    6. Once done for the day athletes are to exit campus immediately. Parents, please ensure a timely pickup for your child

    Athlete Expectations:

    • Athletes need to park as close as they can to the venue they will be practicing.
    • Report to practice location as soon as you are done screening.
    • Maintain social distancing guidelines while waiting to be screened.
    • Remain in face coverings until you have been screened and practice begins
    • At the conclusion of practice Athletes should put face coverings on once again and return to vehicles.
    • Athletes should leave campus immediately at the conclusion of practice
    • Water fountains will be unavailable
    • Athletes should bring their own water jug(s) and have their name clearly visible. It is our intention to not fill water jugs/bottles unless absolutely necessary. I strongly recommend a Large Bubba Jug for athletes to carry enough water with them for the session:
    • Bubba Jugs 128Oz Option is ideal:
    • Wal-Mart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Bubba-Keg-Polyurethane-Sports-Hydration-Jug-Charcoal-128-Oz/111610965
    • Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bubba-Sport-Vacuum-Insulated-Water-Charcoal/dp/B0159WKDH8
    • Athletes should NEVER share water
    • Athletes should put their personal belongings away from others at practice facility
    • Locker Rooms will be unavailable. Athletes should come dressed for practice
    • Access to the school is limited to gym sports only and only to the gym area
    • Weight room access will be given by sport and monitored by program coaches
    • Athletes should practice good hand hygiene by using hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the facility and throughout the practice should the need arise
    • All clothing used during these workouts should be washed daily and shouldn’t be shared with other players during workout.
    • All Equipment used must be sanitized prior to re-use

    Go Pioneers!

    Cheerleaders- Krissy Stroup- kristan.stroup@kirkwoodschools.org
    Boys Cross Country- Wayne Baldwin- wayne.baldwin@kirkwoodschools.org
    Girls Cross Country- Gina Woodard- gina.woodard@kirkwoodschools.org
    Dance Team- Katie Bekebrede- katie.bekebrede@kirkwoodschools.org
    Field Hockey- Dana Oppermann- dana.oppermann@kirkwoodschools.org
    Football- Farrell Shelton- Farrell.shelton@kirkwoodschools.org
    Girls Golf- Shawn Owen- shawn.owens@kirkwoodschools.org
    Boys Soccer- Joe Fisch- joe.fisch@kirkwoodschools.org
    Softball- Amy Leatherberry- amy.leatherberry@kirkwoodschools.org
    Boys/Girls Swim/Dive- Matt Beasley- matt.beasley@kirkwoodschools.org
    Girls Volleyball- Julie Goodmann- Julie.goodmann@kirkwoodschools.org
    Boys Basketball- Corey Nesslage- corey.nesslage@kirkwoodschools.org
    Girls Basketball- Monica Tritz- monica.tritz@kirkwoodschools.org
    Wrestling- Craig Dickinson- craig.dickinson@kirkwoodschools.org
    Baseball- Scott Weissman- scott.weissman@kirkwoodschools.org
    Boys Golf- Jeff Gutjahr- jeff.gutjahr@kirkwoodschools.org
    Girls Lacrosse- Ellen Summers- ellen.summers@kirkwoodschools.org
    Girls Soccer- Phil Cotta- phil.cotta@kirkwoodschools.org
    Boys/Girls Tennis: Sam Lhotak- Samuel.lhotak@kirkwoodschools.org
    Track/Field- Roberta McWoods- Roberta.mcwoods@kirkwoodschools.org
    Boys Volleyball- Keith Touzinsky- keith.touzinsky@kirkwoodschools.org
    Water Polo- Corey Nesslage- corey.nesslage@kirkwoodschools.org