• Teaching, Learning, & Assessment

    DESE's 2020 Task Force for Accelerated Learning notes that flexilibility will be the key to success in the coming year. "Education will look different this year.  Educators must reexamine the curriculum and how it is delivered. The task force urges school districts to structure those changes with a primary focus on the social-emotional needs of all students and then on leveraging learning. This work urges attention to our most vulnerable students who are farther behind and will need more assistance to move forward at an accelerated pace, especially with the potential for future education disruption."

    To best meet the needs of our students in Kirkwood, we must account of the possibility of learning loss and plan to support student growth in an equitable manner.  This will likely require a differentiated response to the varied needs of students, addressing gaps where identified while accelerating the learning whenever possible.  A more typical curriculum schedule or pace of instruction will likely not be practical, requiring teachers to place additional focus on priority skills and standards while compacting curriculum wherever possible and appropriate.  The following steps have been implemented to assist teachers with this important work.

    1. Identification of priority skills and standards at each grade level, particularly in K-8
    2. Adjustments to our assessment plan, incorprating a standards-based assessment to inform instruction and measure growth
    3. Addition of technology-based tools to support teachers' instruction, aimed at increasing student thinking (rigor), engagement, and collaboration
    4. Structured times for synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous learning, with opportunities for large and small-group direct instruction, conferring with individuals, and date-based intervention and extension
    5. Ongoing collaboration with teachers to compact curriculum, where possible, while not compromising on essential learning outcomes